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With this document, our intention is to share some valuable insights regarding React native and its potential advantages in mobile application development.

React native by definition is a Javascript framework, designed to build natively rendering mobile applications for iOS and Android.  Created by Jordan Walke, a software engineer at Facebook, React Native has come far beyond all our expectations. Today, businesses such as Facebook, Airbnb, Ubereats and many more utilize as their best technology partner. Moreover, because react native apps are capable of accessing platform features like the phone camera, or the user's location, its prominence has grown over time.

Reasons Why React is Ideal for Millennial Mobile App Development

The whole point of this article isn’t about promoting React, but to share some facts that can actually transcend your mobile app development scenarios. 

Brief Development Cycles

For the reason React native is an open source project, it offers you a wide range of modules and components, which makes the process faster and efficient up to 30%. With the tools such as hygiene – the code generator framework, redux – the state management tool and many more, React native will minimize the development process duration significantly.

Improved Code Reusability

It’s not merely a matter of convenience but also the easiness in finding faults and bugs. The code usability feature of React facilitate developers’ efforts, where comparatively fewer code lines are needed, moreover, you only have to code once and can reuse the same for different scenarios.  This will minimize the testing time, aids you deploy the app much faster.

Multi-platform Compatibility

Platform independence or cross-platform compatibility is the ability of a system or an application to work with more than one hardware platform or operating system. Because React is cross-platform compatible, It can be useful for both iOS and Android app development scenarios. And so, React will get access to specific file extensions, also, pick the correct file depending on which OS is running in the app.

Third-party Plugins Support

With an intent to ease the development scenarios and to aid developers bring forth the best outcome they long for, React allows them to adopt various third-party plugins, thus make it effortless to incorporate hardware or device inbuilt elements like GPS, Bluetooth into an app.

Why Partner With Agriya? 

Since React native is being considered one of the easiest and effective ways to build interactive applications, its prominence has grown over time. While it is easy to find a React native developer, it has become incredibly hard to find the right candidate/service provider who can grasp your specific demands and assist you throughout the process of development. Agriya- a well-renown React native development company has been a pioneer in this specific arena since the year 2000, and have an impressive track record of deploying web/apps for customers from all around the globe.

There are certain reasons for adopting a new programming platform followed by an intense discussion. Why not just stick with the old reliable C or Java? Critics and advocates of each language have a lot of convincing arguments for and against using each of them. Yet the main goal remains: to find the right tool for the job at hand.

It’s all about how and why the developer switches to Golang and what makes them to go for it. there might be several reasons why the Golang is best. So this passage investigates and highlights some unique and key factors to go behind golang.

Golang is open-source:

Golang was created Google by Rob Pike, Robert Griesemer, and Ken Thompson and then released as an open-source project in 2009. It’s still emerging quickly and now has crosses 50,000 repositories. Go can be used for the development of different kinds of software starting with cloud and systems programming and extending to gamification and many other advanced technical rampages.

It’s pace:

Go is familiar for its paced for its learning, development, compile and deploy. As many developers mentioned that, Golang has the fast compiled language with feel of an interpreted language. So you can write the code fast, and even faster compilation speeds. Speedy development means saving time and money, so this is obviously the most important benefit for someone with a tight budget.

Very Simple:

Go has a very clear guideline with a simple workflow that anyone can manage to learn and understand. It formed with minimalistic design and clear language specification. Thus, you can learn a language and become productive real fast. This simplicity makes maintainability of code less expensive and the development process faster.


The reason why many developers adopt Golang is just because for its concurrency, which enables the developers to perform many processes at the same time. Concurrency is happening via channels and goroutines while the garbage collector is responsible for the mainstream of execution.

Extraordinary Growth:

Golang is developing rapidly and thanks to its full paced growing community. Even though it’s a relatively new language, it already has lots of good documentation.

Cross-platform support:

Golang was created to be usable across multiple platforms. It has plenty of built-in language features that enable easy cross-platform development.

Safe and Secure:

Every variable must have a type connected with it, so a developer has to be so keen in building up and can’t skip details which might then lead to bugs. As a result, you get a clear code and don’t have to spend as much time and money on searching for and fixing bugs as in many dynamic languages.

Where to get the Golang development services?

Agriya, a Golang development company has teamed up together with its skilled developers working on giving the best golang development service. From handling heavy load applicational services adding on some benefits like garbage collection and the golang service is very much scalable with reliable sources. Our high performance golang applications that can run on multiple operating systems by leveraging golang support for expansive memory management, multicore and parallel computation, dependency analysis, lightweight multi-threading. All sum of these features and support the service.

As the idea of digital learning become a reality, it has unlocked boundless opportunities for both learners as well as businesses. And soon as this conception began gaining traction, agriya deployed its foremost E-learning solution. However, the script was totally focused on business efficiency and performance; and it worked very well, especially in terms of business efficiency and effectiveness. Anyhow, the latest update specifically intent to upgrade the user experience, moreover, streamline the business perspectives associated with the platform.

Extensive Performance Update for Transcending Learning Experience

We’ve been researching and analyzing various aspects of the product, target market, users etc all these years. And from the information we gathered, we examined the expectations, demands and pain points to come up with the best upgrade we can ever offer. 

Stripe Payment Integration for Flawless and Authentic Transactions

Money is the root of all business, isn’t it? Yes, it is. And that why we decided to upgrade our payment mechanism. For that reason, we've introduced a new Stripe payment system, which is comparatively much simple in the way it works, moreover, it assures safe interaction with its servers, so that your data will be safe and protected.

Subscription-based Revenue Stream to Facilitate Business Growth and Expansion

Even though it is a bit unusual to introduce a novel pricing model as an upgrade, what inspired us to do so is the potential benefits of the Subscription-based model. Previously we have adopted a different payment concept which was satisfactory but not up to our expectations. However, the new subscription system is proven effective in terms of customer retention, also, it helps you gain more potential clients and generate recurring revenue as well. 

RTL  Support to Contain a Broad Range of Users

Every business despite the industry they are involved in, have a particular growth/expansion strategy. This RTL support is such kind of an aspect that facilitates your efforts to increase your market reach. For instance, some languages such as Arabic, Hebrew etc demands RTL feature. And guess what! There are over a billion people who are using these languages. We incorporated this particular attribute to enable businesses to broaden their reach and business.

User-focused Customizations to Magnify the User Experience

Apart from the major upgrades, we’ve also done some customization works that we thought will be helpful for users to complete their desired actions easily and with utmost accuracy. 
  • Polished ads bar
  • Optimized navigation bar
  • Smart search filters and sorting
  • Relevant course tags
  • Easy logo integration
  • Downloadable course brochures

Final Thoughts

With all the statistics and figures available on the Internet, it is all known that the future of education is digital. In fact, in upcoming years we will witness more advancements in education in terms of technology. However, the recent update of E-learning is clearly future-focused, also, relevant to the current market conditions. It is an easily employable script and can be transformed into an advancing e-learning platform in no time. Explore our website to access the free demo.

Mobile apps signify one of the most discussed, most admired entity of this millennial era. Every business despite their distinctions in the verticals they operate considers mobile applications as the best strategy to improve branding, customer satisfaction and even ROI. Anyhow, with an overwhelming number of available apps, it has become increasingly hard for app businesses to reach their potential users. However, by implementing the right marketing and promotional strategies, one can improve their app visibility and reach to a great extent. This article features some of the most crucial guidelines one should remember while framing their first app marketing campaign.

Things to Remember when Launching an App Marketing Campaign

As a new business among many, promoting your app is going to be a bit hard. But it doesn’t mean that its impossible. All you should do is to plan and execute the strategies you’ve in the most effective possible. And never forget the pre-defined success guidelines you already have a grasp of.

Research Your Audience and Segment the Market

Finding a niche and audience that are interested in your app is so crucial in any app business. In fact, it is where it all starts. Perform thorough market research, and set your mind on a particular set of users that may love your product/service.

Defining your target audience and segmenting them with respect to their age, interests, location, age etc is inevitable. It gives you a great understanding of what to present before your audience and how they like to be treated. Also, you should run a keen analysis of your competitors, for it will help you mold competitive marketing strategies.

Engage in App Store Optimization

Similar to SEO, there are ASO (app store optimization) practices to ensure maximum visibility and reach for your app. Remember, in the midst of all mobile app listed in app stores, it is hardly possible for a user to find your app if you don’t follow ASO guidelines. And guess what! Mobile application developers should be aware and proficient in implementing the same during the development process itself.

Some of the fundamental practices in ASO include: writing a title and brief description of the app, providing alluring screenshots, including relevant keywords, and many more.

Develop a Personalized Content Marketing Strategy

Content is the king, isn’t it? Yes, it is. But it can bite you back only if you don’t have a planned content marketing approach. Imagine if you are planning to launch a mobile app recently, what kind of content strategy would you be having for this app promotion?

Many app businesses incorporate blogs along with their applications. It can engage people, help people by giving valuable information and so. However, you can publish press releases and promotional blogs, also, engage in email/newsletter campaigns to improve your chances to succeed. Anyhow, we recommend using a content calendar, which will help you plan your strategy ahead.

Create Some Buzz Around the App Launch

Spread the word! This is how it works. As you plan your app launch, you should create a buzz around the same. Approach renowned bloggers, social media icons or any relevant personals and make a deal with them to promote your app. And media exposure will an excellent choice if you want to grow your user database over time. This will indeed boost your organic downloads rate.

Besides, you can try asking influence to review your mobile app. Since the majority of internet users refer to reviews before purchase/download, try taking a chance on this idea. What if it works?

Add a Viral Aspect

Everyone knows that the outreach of your content can be uplifted by including something that invites the attention of the population. And when eventually your content gets shared and reaches many, it will have an unrivaled influence on your brand. You can even provide rewards or incentives for the users who share your content.

When dissecting the common behavior patterns of internet users now, there are few practices that can produce immense results. Try to incorporate emotion into your content. Emotions such as happiness, satisfaction, nostalgia etc can upgrade the perspective of users. Also, deliver value; for it is important the user should get when engaging with your content.

Build a Loyal Community

As you begin to get more users for your mobile app, take steps to keep your users loyal to your brand. And building a community of users is the key for a long-lasting success. Hence and so, allow users to share the opinions and reviews. Keep transparency as a major aspect and work towards improving it. Moreover, you can contact the opinion leaders in specific app categories to promote your app in front of potential app users.

Want to Build an In-depth Mobile App from Scratch?

If you are someone who values authenticity, innovation and efficiency, you are in the right place. Agriya- a well-renowned Mobile Application Development Company has a great track record in deploying mobile applications. They have so far deployed 15000+ web&mobile solutions for over 10000+ clients. They follow an effective milestone-based strategy and known for on-time software delivery. Also, you can make use of their premium digital marketing services to build a strong digital presence for your business.

Angular JS- a solid javascript framework becomes more familiar as the tech well-wishers found its roots back to Google. Not just that, it also signifies the great expectations of its users. And because it is an open source framework, it better solves the challenges, also creates comprehensive web and app development scenarios by integrating simple HTML codes. Above all, huge names in the global business such as PayPal, The Guardian, Netflix, Upwork and more are using Angular for development purposes. Here, we discuss the core benefits of using Angular JS for your next development venture.

Angular JS - Key Advantages and Benefits

Even though it is created by Google or used by a handful of reputed business, it isn’t enough for you to choose Angular JS, isn’t that right? So we decided to list out some of the best aspects of using the same for web or app development.

Impressive MVC Architecture

Unlike many frameworks that just develops mobile applications, in Angular JS you can split them into MVC architecture. This is made possible as it binds the application codes together. By this method, you can save a whole lot of your development time and also reduce the time for marketing.

However, when using Angular JS, your role is limited to splitting the app, and Angular JS will do the rest. Moreover, in regards to the MVC model view controller, the model maintains the data, the view displays the data and the controller kind of bridges the model and view.

Two-way Data Binding Options

Yet another functionality that distinct Angular from other similar frameworks is the two-way data binding. However, the term two-way data binding really mean that any modifications made in application objects will have a direct influence on the interface and the vice versa. Similarly, there is no need to store links to DOM elements, we can directly define the result with model state terms.

Single Page Application Features

Angular JS and SPAs are closely related and offer validation capabilities. Hence, if the page uses forms, the form controller will write down the states. And with the help of this data  AngularJS Developers can alter the behavior of HTML elements used for user interfaces.

Use Custom Directives

Directives help you create logics and be more productive in the process. Angular JS allows developers to use custom directives when they are unsatisfied with the built-in HTML directives or when it seems not enough. This signifies great flexibility for the developers and thus make working with Angular more alluring.


POJO refers to Plain Old JavaScript Object and every object used in Angular JS is POJO. This is indeed helpful, for you don’t need extra getter or setter functions. POJO delivers everything you want for object manipulation. You can easily add or remove properties from objects, and guess what! You can loop over objects whenever it is needed.

Result-Focused Angular Js Development Services for Millenium Digital Business

You may have a great grasp on the potential merits of Angular JS. But the practicality of the same is a bit different from what you read and knew from other resources. Similar to any other web or app development scenario, you need a proficient AngularJS Development Company to make the best out of your plans. Agriya, renown software service provider has massive expertise in this particular field and has deployed numerous Angular powered web and mobile apps for clients from all around the globe. They have determined developers, resources and an effective strategy to ensure utmost efficiency.  Explore the website to get more detailed information.







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