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Mobile apps signify one of the most discussed, most admired entity of this millennial era. Every business despite their distinctions in the verticals they operate considers mobile applications as the best strategy to improve branding, customer satisfaction and even ROI. Anyhow, with an overwhelming number of available apps, it has become increasingly hard for app businesses to reach their potential users. However, by implementing the right marketing and promotional strategies, one can improve their app visibility and reach to a great extent. This article features some of the most crucial guidelines one should remember while framing their first app marketing campaign.

Things to Remember when Launching an App Marketing Campaign

As a new business among many, promoting your app is going to be a bit hard. But it doesn’t mean that its impossible. All you should do is to plan and execute the strategies you’ve in the most effective possible. And never forget the pre-defined success guidelines you already have a grasp of.

Research Your Audience and Segment the Market

Finding a niche and audience that are interested in your app is so crucial in any app business. In fact, it is where it all starts. Perform thorough market research, and set your mind on a particular set of users that may love your product/service.

Defining your target audience and segmenting them with respect to their age, interests, location, age etc is inevitable. It gives you a great understanding of what to present before your audience and how they like to be treated. Also, you should run a keen analysis of your competitors, for it will help you mold competitive marketing strategies.

Engage in App Store Optimization

Similar to SEO, there are ASO (app store optimization) practices to ensure maximum visibility and reach for your app. Remember, in the midst of all mobile app listed in app stores, it is hardly possible for a user to find your app if you don’t follow ASO guidelines. And guess what! Mobile application developers should be aware and proficient in implementing the same during the development process itself.

Some of the fundamental practices in ASO include: writing a title and brief description of the app, providing alluring screenshots, including relevant keywords, and many more.

Develop a Personalized Content Marketing Strategy

Content is the king, isn’t it? Yes, it is. But it can bite you back only if you don’t have a planned content marketing approach. Imagine if you are planning to launch a mobile app recently, what kind of content strategy would you be having for this app promotion?

Many app businesses incorporate blogs along with their applications. It can engage people, help people by giving valuable information and so. However, you can publish press releases and promotional blogs, also, engage in email/newsletter campaigns to improve your chances to succeed. Anyhow, we recommend using a content calendar, which will help you plan your strategy ahead.

Create Some Buzz Around the App Launch

Spread the word! This is how it works. As you plan your app launch, you should create a buzz around the same. Approach renowned bloggers, social media icons or any relevant personals and make a deal with them to promote your app. And media exposure will an excellent choice if you want to grow your user database over time. This will indeed boost your organic downloads rate.

Besides, you can try asking influence to review your mobile app. Since the majority of internet users refer to reviews before purchase/download, try taking a chance on this idea. What if it works?

Add a Viral Aspect

Everyone knows that the outreach of your content can be uplifted by including something that invites the attention of the population. And when eventually your content gets shared and reaches many, it will have an unrivaled influence on your brand. You can even provide rewards or incentives for the users who share your content.

When dissecting the common behavior patterns of internet users now, there are few practices that can produce immense results. Try to incorporate emotion into your content. Emotions such as happiness, satisfaction, nostalgia etc can upgrade the perspective of users. Also, deliver value; for it is important the user should get when engaging with your content.

Build a Loyal Community

As you begin to get more users for your mobile app, take steps to keep your users loyal to your brand. And building a community of users is the key for a long-lasting success. Hence and so, allow users to share the opinions and reviews. Keep transparency as a major aspect and work towards improving it. Moreover, you can contact the opinion leaders in specific app categories to promote your app in front of potential app users.

Want to Build an In-depth Mobile App from Scratch?

If you are someone who values authenticity, innovation and efficiency, you are in the right place. Agriya- a well-renowned Mobile Application Development Company has a great track record in deploying mobile applications. They have so far deployed 15000+ web&mobile solutions for over 10000+ clients. They follow an effective milestone-based strategy and known for on-time software delivery. Also, you can make use of their premium digital marketing services to build a strong digital presence for your business.

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