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Nodejs tutorials

Node.Js, a JavaScript based framework has gathered immense attention among developers for application development. Node.js developers find it extremely efficient to create APIs and to build a new matrix of interoperability across the internet. It's a necessity for developers to have an in-depth knowledge about the structure, implementation and applications of the Node.js for using it with greater efficiency. The following article is about to discuss the few of the best books written by famous Authors on how to master the Node.js framework. The books discussed has a descriptive study of Node.Js that helps developers from the beginners to the top-level.

What is Node? By Brett McLaughlin

If you are very new to the Node.js framework, then, ‘what is Node?’ this book is written by Brett McLaughlin is very useful and informative. It is a very basic book that helps you to understand what is a Node? What is the purpose of using Node? Where to use Node? And for what kinds of projects, you can implement Node?

To the point, this book explains the basic concept of Node.js with the excellent citation. You may find the book to be very short and also looks like an essay or an article on the introduction of Node. But, its specialty is that it does give you clarity regarding Node.js and also does fairness to the title.

Node: Up and Running by O’RELLY

It is the helpful book for the developers who have a fair understanding of JavaScript and programming. This book from O’RELLY is a great one that helps you to gain an in-depth sight about the programming knowledge of Node.js.

It greatly speaks about the introduction of how to develop a highly-scalable web development framework written in JavaScript. The developers can ease the work of splitting the application logic between client and server side with the real-time explanations of Node.js in this book. You can also come to know about its event loop architecture that how it greatly reduces the complexity and develops your server programming safe and easy. On the whole, it is the neat book for the developers to make out their own server-side web application.

Smashing Node.js: JavaScript Everywhere by Guillermo Rauch

Have a huge experience in JavaScript and want directly jump into the Node.js, then reference and knowledge you gain from this book helps to develop a user-friendly web application rapidly.

Smashing Node.js is the great book that enhances your ability in the Node.js even further. It encloses all necessary tools and features for developing an efficient web application. It also demonstrates the high-scalability web server knowledge of Node.js and also explains how to utilize the resources optimally in your web application.

Learning Node.js: A Hands-On Guide to Building Web Applications in JavaScript by Marc Wandschneider

Being a node.js developer, you can’t avoid the Learning Node.js book which will be yours on the hand guide for building a web application in the safest JavaScript. The book begins with the basic information of Node.js, event looping concept, and non-blocking coding and concludes with voluminous practical information of Node.js. All through the book, it covers the development process of the server-side web application for all small, medium and large-scale web application.

Node.js the Right Way- Practical, Server-Side JavaScript That scales by Jim R. Wilson

If you aspire to become a great Node.js developer and programmer, this is the right book that you have to choose with. Get a head starts on your new web application with this modern server-side JavaScript programming based book by Jim R WilsonThis book is the right way to make a real-time and quality server-side application with ease. It helps you to clarify all your doubts in developing an exceptional web application in the framework with the real-time citation.

It briefly describes how to create a wide range of web application of any type like small, fast, low-profile, useful, and network application. It also gives guidelines for you to write non-blocking and asynchronous code in the special way of Node.js framework.

Note : I thought this article would help in some way for those who willing to learn node.js and to become expertise. It was taken from here - Best books to learn node.js

In-trend and no signs of declination on the popularity, the swiftly responsive bootstrap CSS framework helps in developing many mobile-first projects. The bootstrap design delivers seamless web development for any project and for any device no matter the size of those. The CSS framework with an enhanced bootstrap design provides a much faster and easier development platform for a website or a web app. The benefits of using the bootstrap design powered by the CSS framework covers a wider spectrum from speeding the development to customize the code according to the client's requirements. Let's break down the extensive reasoning that makes the bootstrap CSS framework in 2016 a popular choice.

User Convenience is the Top Priority

The bootstrap framework is created in such a way that its the easiest framework to use that in-turn makes it hassle-free.  User convenience is kept as the top priority, that includes a frictionless correlation between the designers and the developers and is easy to use at any skill level. This bootstrap offers optimum performance across multiple platforms, regardless of who's working on it.

High Responsive Rate

High responsiveness of this framework is guaranteed by the fluid grid layout that adjusts itself according to the screen resolution of the device. The 12-column grids, layout & components of this bootstrap along with the ready-made classes, enables at any place for the column to load horizontally or vertically.

Easy Access to Predefined Components

Predefined style pieces and predefined components available in the bootstrap libraries play a key role in increasing the speed of the development.  The integration of this bootstrap is the simplest of all the frameworks available out there.  Integrate in any platform, old or new website or a part of your custom-written code with ease.

Additional Plug-ins for Enhancement

This highly innovative bootstrap is tailor-made to enhance its interactive ability by the numerous plug-ins bundled in the package. Cross-platform functional plug-ins make sure you don’t have to try out another one for your website for a mobile phone or a tab separately.

Top-notch Documentation

The well-written documentation that is included in this bootstrap framework helps in an easier learning for both an experienced and a new use. 

Mightiest Support

Finally, the bootstrap is backed by a huge community that will help and provide support whenever you need one. The bootstrap team keeps on updating the bootstrap design on Github. It's a massive team, up to 9000 commits with  up to 500 contributors. All your queries with regards to the bootstrap framework will be clarified swiftly and effectively.

What we have discussed above are the core and important benefits and reasons to use the bootstrap framework. The more you learn about this exciting design, the more you come to terms with the wide range of its applications and benefits. With an ever-evolving bootstrap design, the possibilities are endless. Keep exploring!

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