November 2015

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Users interest in your product as well as website is one of the major aspects that lead your website to success. Sign up form ensures user’s interest in your website. A sign up form may serve different purposes ranging from creation of the user account to the login process. Strictly speaking, without the aid of sign up form commercial websites are feeling difficult to work with. 

A professional custom web development company should create a wide range of sign up forms for their clients to bring them good business. It is one facet in a website which should be designed without any flaws. 

A minute error in a sign up form will cause your entire business. Let us now look into some steps to create a powerful and user interactive sign up forms.

  • The best sign up form should be simple in nature, and it should not hinder attention of the users, for that expert developers make labels right above the fields itself. It enables users to fill in the tabs so easily, without bothering the alignment. The visual appeal of the labels aligned right to the top of the fields makes users simple to identify the meanings of that fields.

  • Auto validation options should work promptly in a sign up form. It prohibits users from entering the wrong data into the fields. Within a fraction of seconds, it should notify the users about the wrong data entry. For instance, email id, phone numbers based on locations, and automatic country selection, so on should notify the user in an instant and automatically.

  • Provide the right information to the users in bits of short descriptions. This process is technically titled as Microcopy. In the sign-up forms of certain organizations, you might have seen small lines of descriptions written below the card payment options detailing the working of it. It is a case in point of microcopy to inform users about certain valid information. Some sign up forms may need the activity of verification. 

  • Hence developers must provide users the hints about the entire activity when they click the relevant fields itself. Provide hints to avoid all kinds of confusion that occur in the minds of users while filling in the sign up tabs.
  • In many of the typical sign up forms users might have seen the popular one word such as ‘submit’ as a call to action statement at the end. Instead of using these kinds of traditional terms, developers should involve users with some small phrases like ‘come join the fun’ as a call to action button in the sign up form.
  • Do not include any unnecessary fields in your sign up forms. Put the entire idea into the web page in a brief manner. Just help users to complete the activity of filling the form in a matter of minutes.
  • Social media integration is very important while designing sign up forms these days. Users must be given an option to sign up using their existing accounts in any of the social media web pages like Facebook, or Twitter. It helps users to ease through the process of account creation, or signing up.
  • Last but not the least, the integration of security aspects. It can be done by means of adding a banner of already established organisations. Such as ‘visa verified’ while working with payment gateways, or ‘Norton’ protected to offer users confidence about the virus protection so on.

Bringing It Altogether

A sign up form is indeed the one which brings business to your organization. All organisations having large or small scale business have flawless sign up forms in their websites. So it is the responsibility of every custom web development company to integrate powerful sign up forms in the websites.

web design trends predictions 2015 2016

The world in which we live around is always willing to accept new trends. It is not a standalone feature restricted to one particular thing. Then how can website designing and development stands behind? Customers accept a custom web development company for the trend-setting work they offer as output. There are many concepts in web designing& development that allow these companies to produce good output. 

Here we can discuss about some of such concepts that are used to design and develop websites in the present time, and in the coming years, as well. 

Elegant UI patterns 

Innovation is a term which is commonly connected with UI patterns. Responsive web designs, and WordPress websites have been blamed for the recurring of similar kind of patterns. There are some superb UI patterns that are well-equipped to offer customers some nice experience. 

The hamburger Menu, Account registration, Long Scroll, Card based designs, and Hero images are some of the most prominent UI patterns used in the present era to produce highly valuable websites. Among these card based designs are mostly spoken these days. To get detailed information on card based designs just click here.

Pleasing Animations 

Without using any high sounding words, we can easily explain the role of animations in a website design. Superior animations can smoothly convey the story of a website easily to users. 

Animations can be divided into different types such as large scale, small scale, loading, scrolling, non-scrolling, hover, motion, and even in the form of background videos. Animations in a website can be linked in multiple ways with the inclusion of navigation as well as another controls. It gives users a smooth viewing experience. At times it becomes extremely useful for developers while constructing e-commerce websites. 

For instance, different side-images of single product can be produced before users without much effort by using the types of animations mentioned above. 

Micro Interactions 

Micro- interactions happens to be an essential part of any applications. This concept serves multiple purposes such as the indication of a status or feedbacks to the customers, and it also helps users in the dealing of some particular activities in a website. 

It is advisable to create these micro- interactions in website as natural as possible. Every user should come to use these micro-interactions in quite a usual way. This concept is very useful for all modern websites to communicate certain pin-point ideas to users. 

Material Designs

Flat web designs have captured so much attention of web designers these days, and the material design is a trend initiated by Google against the flat designs. Most important aspect of a material design is that it does not base itself to an individual framework. 

Thus web developers get a chance to use a wide variety of tools while creating material designs. The use of cards plays a vital role in development of material designs. Anyway this concept is getting more acceptance these days, for it sets something different against the usual flat designs. You can find valid explanations about material designs by following this link. 


An article which showcases the highlights of web-designing trends used in 2015&16 will sound incomplete, if we forget to mention about responsive web designing and flat web designing. Echoes of both these terms are heard in our ears from last couple of years. 

Responsive as a play of HTML5, and CSS has gained so much importance with the launch of devices having varied screen-sizes. Flat designs having easy topography, vibrant colours, and aggressive minimalism are still popular these days. 

Hence a custom web development company gets immense chances to deliver high-quality websites to clients with the coming up of these innovative web designing trends in 2015&2016.


The craze for mobile applications is still on the way up. Literally, we can get everything done in our daily life with the aid of smart phone applications. HTML5 together with JavaScript has simply added the scope and potential features of mobile applications. 

Every mobile application development company sticks to the use of HTML5 for it has been widely accepted by all the key players in the world of technology. Mobile applications created by using HTML5 are more user-friendly, and expressive, but a developer should look into certain aspects while developing HTML5 applications for making it really outstanding. Here let us check out some most essential tips.

Sketch Your App with Superb User Interface

Before triggering your HTML5 mobile app, you should do some basic planning. Just trace out all other similar applications as yours, and sketch every detail. Code it in a better and in a different way by giving it elegant touches of a super interface which itself creates a ‘wow’ feel for users. User interface as well as experience should be given prime importance.

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Choice of App Types Always Matters

What app type clients need to be created? What are their basic requirements? A good developer chooses an apt app type after correctly identifying the needs of his client. There are packaged app types and hosted app types. 

All the applications that get listed in the app store, and are readily available for downloading in a compressed format come under the category of packaged app types. Applications can also be hosted with the aid of web servers, as well. Choose the best app type which suits your requirements.

Multiple Operating System Compatibility

One of the best characteristics, which decide on the quality of an HTML5 mobile applications is the multiple OS support. The application should work without any errors in all popular platforms such as iOS, android, and blackberry. For this purpose web API, the check points and the working atmosphere of the application should be checked in detail.  

Compress the Details in Small File Sizes

All users may not experience good browsing speed all the time. An HTML5 application embellished in a large file size will make the operating system work so slow. Neatly compressed HTML5 files having small file sizes work pretty well for all users. Another factor which helps small file sizes is obviously the storage space. 

However, we expand the data cards or internal memory of smart phones, it hardly comes close to the storage options as in a desktop or laptop. Hence keeping your HTML5 file sizes small will lead to speedy performance. 

Smaller Screen Resolutions

Every day a new mobile device is getting introduced, and the screen sizes of all devices may not be the size. With the introduction of responsive designs, HTML5 got a added advantage. If your HTML5 mobile application opens comfortably in all devices, the amount of acceptance it receives among the users will also be high. 

Importance of Localized Applications

Best instance to the point is the search engine Google itself. If we check its development over the last years, we will see a great amount of localization in terms of language, and even the setting itself. Localization gains plenty of popularity for the things related to technology, then how can applications stand behind the concept. 

A good application should be localized in all means of interfaces, and interaction. Users prefer to localize applications served  along with the support of regional languages. Hence HTML5 applications, whether it is hosted or packaged, will grab more number of users when it gets localized. 


An update of HTML5, an improved HTML6 will be soon released, and developers are expecting powerful features in a simplified way. Thus every mobile application development company awaits the launch of HTML6 for building even more dynamic applications.


The title of this article may sound odd to many developers as well as professionals who work with the internet. WordPress is a popular application developed using PHP, and there are many powerful PHP frameworks that offer great web building features over the web. 

Then how WordPress leads to the fame of PHP? There are many methods in which you can identify the popularity of a web page or application on the web. We can correctly identify the popularity of technology, a web page or an application by just counting the search over a particular keyword. 

Open source customization services is a massive field and many things including the WordPress development, PHP web page creation can be included in it. Here in this article, we can trace some reasons that make enable WordPress to make PHP popular among web development communities.  

What the Analysis Suggest?   

Just use the Google Trends, and analyse the popularity of all PHP frameworks and WordPress. The data will itself give you an idea. It will show you the popularity chart based on the keyword searches. Then any user can clearly identify the popularity of WordPress over any other PHP frameworks. 

No Third Party PHP Frameworks  

WordPress is an application developed fully using PHP without any third party components. It is does not need any of the third party components for developing web pages. 

WordPress Installations and PHP Hosting  

If users need to host a WordPress installation, they should resort to a PHP hosting services. Then quite naturally , users will think about PHP hosting as well. The users will then do a general study on PHP installation. This makes PHP even more popular whenever they do WordPress installation process.

WordPress Plugin System

The fame of WorPress can trace back to the development of blogs. Take the case of all the blogs developed over the web. It is more the number of websites developed using PHP frameworks. The WordPress plugins used to create blogs are basically developed with PHP language, hence WordPress indirectly makes PHP famous. 

No Programming Knowledge Need to Create Website  

This will be the most important difference between WordPress and all other PHP frameworks. The person who uses a PHP framework might be a professional or an experienced programmer who knows every aspect of programming. Those who do not know the basics of programming can utilize WordPress for developing websites. It indirectly makes users aware of PHP development as well as hosting services.

Shall I use WordPress to Develop Websites?  

It may sound to be the most important question? WordPress is created using PHP and is the most famous blog making tool. Still, users cannot use WordPress to develop all kinds of websites. Let us explain it in detail. 

If we are planning to create an e-commerce website with a large number of pages that utilize SQL databases severely, we cannot depend on WordPress. WordPress is not created to suit that purpose. It can used to create basic websites that are less in features. 

For creating web pages like blogs WordPress really exceeds all other PHP frameworks, but when it comes to creating websites loaded with massive contents and images, we will have to rely on other PHP frameworks. 


The main point detailed here is the popularity of WordPress when compared to other PHP frameworks. Let us take the case of any other PHP frameworks including Yii, Laravel, CakePHP so on. 

The WordPress as a term will be quite popular among internet users than the other terms mentioned above. The role of frameworks in PHP web development is unavoidable, even though WordPress as a PHP application is more prominent among the internet users. 


There is no dearth for cross-platform PHP web application frameworks. Not one, Not two, many are there in fact. While some are more famous, others frameworks are also widely popular. 

The main aim of these frameworks is to fasten the development and maintenance of web applications. Though not absolutely necessary to use a framework, many PHP developers use them to make their development tasks easier. The other major advantages of CodeIgniter and Symphony frameworks bring with them is that they replace the repetitive coding tasks.

Symfony2 and CodeIgniter are two such PHP  frameworks with a slew of features. Here, let us analyze what these frameworks got to offer.

Features of Symfony2

  • This framework, for MVC applications, has an easy installation and is also easy to configure. Interestingly, it is a framework that is simple to use; however, with its flexibility of adapting to complex cases.
  • The joy of developing applications is promised with the use of Symfony2. There are many tools in Symfony. A tool like Web Debug Toolbar will come in handy for developers. 
  • Beginners will not find Symfony overwhelming because the framework is very accessible. Beginners have so much access to the huge documentation, professional support and also community support.
  • With every component of Symfony having its own Git repository, the developers have the chance to get the code directly. Else, they can download an archive. The other options are that they can install it with PEAR.
  • Symfony2 is database engine independent. It is enterprise ready. Even for long-term projects it is very much stable. 
  • This framework is totally customizable. Numerous development environments come with it by default. Symfony, making the task of developers much simpler, has got multiple tools. Common software engineering tasks can be automated using such tools.
  • Is this framework compatible with most database engines? Yes, it is. It is compatible with MySQL, Oracle, PostgreSQL, Microsoft SQL Server, etc.
  • Symfony is one framework which is easy to extend. Therefore, integration with that of other vendor libraries is also easier.
  • Data and interface translation is allowed, thanks to the built-in internalization layer, which is automated within Symfony.
  • Great data quality in the database, enhanced user experience are made possible with the help of Forms. The Forms in Symfony support automated validation & repopulation.
  • Output escaping, cache management features, Routing, Factories, Plugins, Built-in email and API management are some of the characteristics that are helpful in Symfony. 

Features of CodeIgniter

  • It is a fast, reliable and lightweight framework. The framework also has got a clear documentation. The user guide consists of introduction and tutorial. There are also a number of "how to" guides.
  • There are no such coding rules in CodeIgniter that are restrictive in nature. A developer can use his own coding and also naming conventions. 
  • Monolithic libraries that are of large scale aren't in CodeIgniter. This framework is a lean framework. It helps improve productivity. At the same time, it offers third party plugins for promoting functionality. 
  • CodeIgniter offers  Active Record Database Support, Form and Data validation, XSS filtering and sessions management. 
  • The framework also offers Image Manipulation Library, FTP class, File Uploading class, Localization and pagination. 
  • Data Encryption, Full Page Caching, Benchmarking, Error Logging, etc are also possible with the CodeIgnitor framework. 

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