May 2015

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Since PHP frameworks encompass incredible features, it has gained a huge recognition and has become the world’s most versatile serve side scripting language. It is a dynamic and easy to learn language extensively used for programming web pages. 

PHP frameworks are widely known as functional platform and help creating any complex application easily and quickly. 

Most PHP developers are choosing PHP frameworks since it is a brilliant platform for coding applications and provides a definite structure and environment to develop your project in a speedy manner. It’s also a peerless web development practice will completely helps to increase the scalability and to build top quality web pages. 

Here, we have mentioned a list of PHP frameworks which help to execute your PHP project promptly as well as with least possible efforts while increasing your productivity. 

Popular PHP Frameworks

Popular PHP Frameworks

1. Laravel 

Laravel PHP

Laravel is a simple and classy PHP framework helps to build stylish and high quality web pages. This is one of the perfect frameworks to meet numerous programming needs of various different projects in a timely manner. As it is packed with many Symfony components, it enables the PHP developers to come up with a solid framework which finally ends with creating excellent codes. 

2. Cake PHP

Cake PHP

Another fantastic PHP framework that PHP developer should check out for this year is CakePHP 3.0. It has upgraded components, enhanced session management, ORM improvements and etc. It provides options to develop standalone libraries through increase modularity. 

3. Symfony

Symfony PHP

Symfony is an amazing and well known PHP Framework, highly demanded for its high responsive features, stability and simplicity. It has everything required to build websites by utilizing the best practices including reusable components and many more.

4. Code Igniter


CodeIgniter is the popular and impressive PHP framework with a tiny footprint, specially designed for developers who want to create full-featured web applications at ease. It also offers a rich set of components to design elegant range of web applications with utmost perfection.

5. Yii Framework

If you are the one searching for the best PHP frameworks in 2015 then go ahead with Yiiframework. It is high in speed and more secured to develop your PHP projects within the limited time span. Its high compatibility and caching support with AJAX, makes it a right choice for PHP developers to develop good quality web pages. 

6. Zend Framework

Zend PHP Framework

For enterprise level projects, Zend frameworks are ideal choice. It is an open source framework that uses object oriented code. Hence, it is high in performance and extensible as well as more secured. 

7. Phalcon 

Phalcon  PHP

Phalcon is a full-stack PHP framework written using C/C++ for performance optimization. Its creative architecture makes it the fastest PHP framework to develop any kind of websites. 

8. FuelPHP


PHP developers can develop their projects using FuelPHP which is absolutely simple and flexible MVC( Model View Control) Framework. Fuel PHP is a powerful, efficient and supportive PHP framework that helps to build unbelievable sites. 

9. Aura

Aura PHP

Aura comprises of a collection of superior quality, well-tested, independent library packages and etc which can be efficiently used in any code base. Every library package is self contained and doesn’t depend on any other package. 

10. PHPixie


PHP developers, who are looking for a lightweight PHP framework, can choose PHPixie which is based on the MVC pattern which assist you to design applications with extreme speed. It is easy to learn and execute impeccable web application.

No matter whether you are a PHP developer or Custom Web Development Company looking to provide world class solution to PHP web development then choose the above Frameworks to become successful.

HTML6 Advanced Features

Web is completely progressing towards developing an enormous app store that plays a significant role in web development. Since the day HTML has launched, it has been receiving striking responses from huge numbers clients across worldwide. 

We have been using already released versions of HTML for web development. But the question is how efficiently it works while designing a web page or website. The markup languages, we use should absolutely work as per the specific requirements. With existing markups, web developers are struggling to incorporate responsive features that make the website semantic and speedy. 

Especially developing high-end web solutions are challenging with HTML5. Custom web development companies demands are gradually increasing towards the improvement of HTML5!

Further, web developers are encountering various other problems while providing web development solutions. Thus, they are demanding for a brilliant markup language that overcomes the obstacles of HTML5 which is technically still incomplete. Here are some 10 proposals for incredible HTML6 which is sure to outpace the web developers. 

1. Dedicated Libraries :

jQuery has brought revolution in the world of JavaScript including standard libraries. The amount of energy used up on loading jQuery is very high. Numerous websites are utilizing cacheable versions of JavaScript libraries across the globe. When a huge number of web designers prefer a specific library, it can be diffused with the browsers. This is one of the reasons why developers are expecting for new HTML version that can do something better.

2. Camera Integration :

In the modern world, most users are communicating with browser which has a camera and a microphone connected, due to the extensive usage of Web cameras and cellular phones cameras around. Incorporation of a photo or a video capture feature in HTML6 helps to easily access photos which are stored in the device. The device will also provide better control over the camera and boost the detection rate. 

3. Pluggable Pre-processors :

Pre-processors are already available in existing HTML versions to convert languages into JavaScript. HTML5 always considers a general version of JavaScript while optimizing the code for the local machine. HTML6 should improve this code optimization process by adopting certain feature. 

4. Pluggable Languages :

If HTML6 arrives with effective and pluggable languages, it will be highly useful for web developers for creating unique designs in a prompt manner. Any browser can easily implement this feature within a few steps if it is an open source business model. 

5. Better Annotation :

A well designed HTML structure supports article annotations through paragraphs, sentences as well as words too. Developers are looking for a dynamic and powerful version that allows annotations even to images and videos.

6. Hardened Authentication :

For instance, the browser should provide high and fast authentication while accessing HTML6. Creating trusted software would help both the browser and site to work efficiently. For extreme confidentiality and security, the browser can offer sign tokens with embedded keys rather than cookies. 

7. More Control over Video Object:


In the next iteration of HTML, people are looking for additional control over how the structures of the video dispersed on the web pages. The current version is available with a rectangle that packs a set frame from a specific video and the control is given across a text track with annotations, subtitles etc. If HTML 6 embrace callback hooks and synchronization mechanisms, it will be helpful to come up with world class videos. 

8. Stronger Micro-formats :

As HTML tags vary from headlines, paragraphs and footers, it's very essential to build a standard to define the general details like parts of an address or a phone number. Creating standard tags will not only speed up search engines, but also boosts your website quality. Developers can also use HTML6 to specify locations, times, dates, selling products, bibliographies, and etc.

9. Browser-sizing of imagery :

The pixel size of any image completely differs from mobile to desktop screen. An improved version of HTML can suggest a preferred height and width of the image. This procedure will definitely provide optimal resolution. 

10. Guarded Accessing to Contact Information :

For the betterment, the interface should provide absolutely subtle control to allow people while giving automatic access to code arriving from some domains but not others.

Many Custom Website Development Companies are looking forward to HTML6 for enhancing and establishing original websites in the best possible manner. 

Web developers always look for new features that dramatically make websites better, quicker, slicker, or more interesting. The above mentioned proposals for generating HTML6 would be really helpful for improving the web pages that amaze us!

Why responsive design is playing an important role in creating a high quality website? Why are people craving for mobile friendly website? Do you face any challenges while creating a device friendly website? 

Well, you have the key for all your queries to overcome Responsive Design Disasters here in this blog. Are you an entrepreneur looking for custom web development then read our blog!

responsive web design mistakes

As the use of smartphones, tablets are gradually expanding; the usage of mobile internet is also flourishing steadily. Later, the demands of creating mobile friendly websites have become extremely important. Launching a responsive website would help to increase the number of visitors to your website. 
A responsive design of the website incorporates same content, image and structure on any device. Responsive design methods are the ideal choice to serve content to the extensive range of devices. There is no need to uphold separate versions of the site if it is digital device friendly. 

However, designers encounter 3 major mistakes with responsive designs which are pretty tough. This article provides excellent solutions to ward off those mistakes. 
Scaling vs. Fluid vs. Responsive

Indeed, designers are facing more confusion in terms of scaling, fluid and responsive. Mostly, they incorrectly use these terms which would affect the site. 
Scaling layouts are one of the methods used to design a website. This is a method specially developed to scale every element interrelated to every other element. It effectively works on both desktop and digital devices. 

It doesn’t require any code to accustom table or image sizes across these two platforms. Additionally, it is responsive in a way that it can scale the content in response to changes happening in the size of the viewport. In this case, the design loses readability for consistency.

Fluid layouts are completely varies from scaling layouts. This will scale container elements with regards to the size of the viewport. This can be easily accomplished by applying various relative units to defeat the problem of shrinking text. Eventually the design drops consistency for readability.

Responsive layouts are absolutely perfect because it only changes whichever displayed based on the size of the viewport rather scaling. 
Three disasters of responsive designs and solutions to defeat it are detailed below;

1) Wrapping Menu

responsive web design mistakes

For instance, your web page consists of too many navbar on the top and when it is viewed on different devices; its responsive nature compresses the page to fit into the screen promptly. It does not work effectively if the display area is larger than the break point, as well as extremely smaller to display all the menu items in a single row. These factors results in wrapping the menu items displayed.
  • You can solve this problem in many ways. As a first step, minimize the number of horizontally displayed items on the navbar by sorting them into categories and sub-categories.
  • The second step would be changing the break point to a lesser value.
  • The last step is implementing a different menu for devices that includes a sliding drawer and etc.,
2) Using fixed Width Images
Fixed Width Images

During web development, the designers usually set the content areas depending on the size of the viewport. Thus, if a fixed-width image is larger than the fixed size of the area, image cropping exists. There are many ways to overcome this problem. You can also approach reputed and custom web development companies that provides unimaginable services. 
For Example: Let’s consider a bad fixed-width image that is too wide than the fixed size: also assume that it has scroll bars and content is pushed off-screen.

To avoid this problem, you should use relative units to set the width of the image as already we have discussed. You can also use a framework that enables it (such as Bootstrap), use a responsive image class (eg: class=”img-responsive”).

3) Element Distortion

Element Distortion

Element distortion is quite complicated. When a particular layout is displayed on a small viewport, all unhandled columns act like rows. The distortion of the content can lead to changes in the hierarchy of your design.

The key to solve this problem is fixing the height, width, and padding of the element. In case, if it exits from its position and covers other elements, you can easily bring it back to a certain position. 
The above problems usually occur while creating responsive designs and we have given perfect solutions to avoid it and to make an excellent design that is unbelievable!

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