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Website is quite a common term to everyone these days. Even children at their teen have access to the term. Still many who are closely associated with websites do not know the fundamental difference between the terms namely website designing and website development. 

There are educated professionals who include custom website development as a subcategory of website designing. The reality is that both terms are separate entities having some relatively close connections.

For making things more simple, let us put it in such a way that a website has two faces; one the front end that is visible to all, and the other is the back end which is not easily visible, especially the programming aspects. The article discloses the basic difference in the work pattern of both web designer and web developer.

What the Web Designer is Associated with?

The main aspects which a web designer contributes to the creation of website are the visual appearance and the layout. Designers deals with color, font-sizes, contents, images, and even the total look of a web page. At times, even graphics in a web page is set by the web designer. Everything a user visualizes in a website is the play of a designer.

Designers have fundamental knowledge of programming, and they alter basic HTML codes to set the contents in a suitable web layout. The tools such Photoshop, CorelDRAW, and Pixate so on are entirely their territory. Logo designing and graphics include the work flow of designers.

What is Web Developers’ cup of Tea?

Strictly speaking tasks of web developers can only be experienced, for it is back end process like coding, or development. Programming is indeed the backbone all website. The performance of a website including speed, and flexibility with various operating systems comes under the task of the developer. 

A developer deals with the choice of frameworks, and programming languages ranging from PHP to objective C. How a website function, and the user experience is controlled by the web developers. To a great extent, features of a website including security aspects are controlled by coding itself. Hence developers play a key role in the making of websites.


A website, as we all see is not a single entity as it stands. Many vital facets contribute to its functioning. Website development, and the designing are of top most importance while considering the creation of websites. Both are different, still very much close to each other in the functioning.

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