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Frameworks developed on PHP have been in focus of web communities all over the world. PHP web development has eased to a large extent with the coming up of these well equipped frameworks. 

A PHP developer easily gets more than a list of 10 frameworks to work with. Here in this article we can deal with two different sorts of questions: why you should use a PHP framework? And in what circumstances will PHP prove useful to you?

Frequent Reasons for Using PHP Frameworks

  • PHP offers fine options to do the coding in an organized way. Developers have to just follow the same pattern for getting things done.
  • It is one of the advanced frameworks which has a fine set of tools as well as libraries designed for the use of various tasks. Using PHP frameworks, a developer can control all factors of making a website so easily.
  • PHP frameworks stand high in terms of security. Yii2 is an instance to the point. PHP codes are hard to crack when we consider security aspects.
  • Rapid web development by using minimum lines of codes is another favourable aspect of using PHP. Smaller the number of codes, smarter the work will be. Less number of codes means good processing speed as well as easy maintenance.
  • One of the vital points that lead to the success of all PHP framework is the community support. The errors, misconceptions, and difficulties that occur to developers can be solved within less time with the aid of community support. Well informed community support happens to be an important factor for the growth of PHP frameworks.
  • Another aspect which promotes PHP frameworks is the availability of multiple frameworks. It gives developers even option to create their own frameworks. 80% of designers depend on well- known frameworks to complete the task. 
  • All the popular PHP frameworks are updating new features to stand the test of time as well as to draw the attention of website and application developers.

When will You Choose PHP Web Development?

Both beginners together with expert use PHP frameworks widely. To be very much particular, it is hard to seek out a definite answer to the question, for the choices of developers differ as per various conditions. So we can point out certain general aspects only.

  • Those who want to develop a project very rapidly by using fine codes having less error possibilities can resort to PHP frameworks. PHP frameworks comes in simple patterns that can be very easily followed.
  • Whenever you are asked to create a website or an application in a specified time limit, it will be a great idea to switch to some PHP framework. Hence it offers plenty of ways to finish your tasks quickly.
  • If you are a novice at coding, try PHP first. PHP frameworks follow the organized MVC pattern which is very simple to follow. Beginners can save plenty of time while developing projects using PHP frameworks. They will get sufficient community support to correct errors and develop faultless codes.

WordPress has been the leader among the various Content Management Systems. Needless to say, the second popular CMS only comes a distant second in terms of popularity. PHP is a platform of WordPress. This CMS, which is free, is based on MYSQL.

Like anybody else, even the WordPress users and developers, during the open source development of it, make some common mistakes. These silly blunders can easily be avoided.

8 Common Mistakes Committed and The Ways to Prevent them


1. Failing to Create Backup for Your Site

This common mistake will cost your dearly. All the information and data will be lost due to sheer negligence. However, it can be prevented by having a manual or automatic backup of the WordPress site. Even in the event of website getting crashed or corrupted, all your data is safeguarded. 

To back up, just go to Tools, after that, to Export. Use WP-DB-Backup automatic plugin. Also, phpMyAdmin tool or Vaultpress can be used for self-hosted

2. Use of Default and Unfriendly Permalink

Permalink (permanent link), or URL of a web page is by default set. The URL structure, which looks gibberish and meaningless, can be changed to more understandable way. You should use right keywords in a permalink. Doing so helps your website rank better in the search engine results, apart from enhancing the user experience. To change the structure of permalinks, go to Settings and then to Permalinks.

3. Not Installing Google Analytics and Google Search Console

It is yet another avoidable mistake. Hope you know what is Google Analytics! Nevertheless, Google Analytics helps you in tracking and reporting your site's traffic. It offers you lots of insights. You get to know the keywords that are to be incorporated into your writings so that you drive more traffic to your site.

Ensure that you integrate Google search console ( previously Google Webmaster Tools). Submission of XML sitemap to console helps you to get all the pages of your website indexed.

4. Continuing the use of Default Favicon

Favicon, or favorite icons are small icons. They could be seen adjacent to page title in the browser window, or the browser's address bar. It is one major mistake done by WordPress newbies, i.e., to continue with the default favicon. Changing the default favicon to you own one would exhibit your professionalism. To replace, checkout for a free favicon generator on the web, visit the images section, replace the default one with your own.

5. Failing Your Mobile Users

Increasingly, people are switching over to smartphones. Failing to make your site mobile-friendly and tablet-friendly will result in you paying the price. What price? Your site will slowly lose traffic. So, to address this issue, use a plug-in like WPtouch for customizing the site for mobile devices. Using responsive Wordpress theme also helps in adapting your site to diverse devices.

6. Not Installing a Caching Plugin

Yet another major blunder. Installing a caching plug-in is of utmost importance. Apart from caching plug-in, Content Delivery Network also has to be used. The reason for this need is that your site wouldn't crash and can even sustain a massive traffic. That said, caching helps in improving efficiency, preventing downtime and also decreases the site's load time. 

W3 Total Cache is the best-known plug-in that could help in speeding up the WordPress blog. Also, WP Super Cache is another plug-in

7. Paying No Attention to WordPress Updates

Every time a bug is found or any susceptibility to it is found, WordPress gets updates. Neglecting any updates will only result in your site becoming prone to attacks from hackers. So take no chances when it comes to security.

8. Creating too Many Categories

While you should be thankful to WordPress for allowing to create as many categories, this may also result in cluttering your site. Properly categorize and structure all the topics accordingly. Offer a pleasant experience to the visitors of your site.


Ensuring that these mistakes aren't committed will help in the success of your WordPress site. Make a list of to-do's so that you do not miss on anything. After all, it is always advised that you "look before you leap."

From its initial stages onward, website development has witnessed certain trends emerging to popularity at some point of time. Parallax scrolling, infographic, and material designs are cases in point. Similar to these trends, card based web designing is rapidly gaining the attention of organizations all over the world now. Hence most of the web development company in India started adapting to this new pattern of structuring websites. Let us check out what it is? Its features, usage, and scope.


What is Card Based Website Design ?

Card websites are modeled on the shape of a rectangle. The cards can be set in such way to open according to the screen resolution of users. It can be linked with so much information, and interactivity. It is an improved form of tile, or portrait like structure. A web developer cannot simply create some rectangle boxes and stuff information in it and call them as a card design. The structure, arrangement, functionalities, and uniqueness of card web designs are simply different.

Why it is Emerging into Prominence ?

This pattern of website designing can be extended to include numerous features, and can be easily customized as favored by the developers. Major traits of card web development are worth mentioning.

  • Cards help developers to create websites having superb information architecture. The superiority of a grid based information can be exploited at its best by the use of cards. 
  • This type of design provides maximum information to the clients in a limited space. It gives a feel of a well organized system in which things can be beautifully presented as well as linked to each other.
  • Maintaining of an information hierarchy is much easier with cards. The most relevant and valid information can be pushed at first in front of the user. Thus visitors get valid information as the developers or organizations prioritize.
  • Images play the most important role. Information is conveyed to the users with the help of images, hence it calls for minimum written contents. Multiple ways can be utilized to manipulate contents in a web page developed by using card architecture.
  • Graphics, animations, and typography can be used to its maximum potential in this type of website. Then the interface, and user experiences par excellence. The scope to display creative skills of developers is plenty in this kind of web architecture.
  • Cards are attractive to the eyes, and responsive in nature. So it is an ideal pattern for smart phones. Card based web design is compatible with any screen resolutions.

Scope of Card Website Designing

Users will be really astonished to find the number of popular websites that make use of cards. The news feed page of Facebook, Google Now, Twitter, and above all Pinterest are vastly using card based web layouts. Another facet which adds to the growth of this architecture is the mobile phone compatibility indeed. So web developers will exploit its’ potential for a long time.


Card based website designing is in the starting stage now. There are plenty of questions yet to be answered such as: 

is this pattern ideal for the development of all kinds of websites? 

Can it meet the demands of big corporates in a large scale?

Is it suitable for modular websites only? 

However, this type of designing is widely used and developed in more innovative ways these days. Agriya as an expert web development company India foresees a great future for card based website designing. 

Website is quite a common term to everyone these days. Even children at their teen have access to the term. Still many who are closely associated with websites do not know the fundamental difference between the terms namely website designing and website development. 

There are educated professionals who include custom website development as a subcategory of website designing. The reality is that both terms are separate entities having some relatively close connections.

For making things more simple, let us put it in such a way that a website has two faces; one the front end that is visible to all, and the other is the back end which is not easily visible, especially the programming aspects. The article discloses the basic difference in the work pattern of both web designer and web developer.

What the Web Designer is Associated with?

The main aspects which a web designer contributes to the creation of website are the visual appearance and the layout. Designers deals with color, font-sizes, contents, images, and even the total look of a web page. At times, even graphics in a web page is set by the web designer. Everything a user visualizes in a website is the play of a designer.

Designers have fundamental knowledge of programming, and they alter basic HTML codes to set the contents in a suitable web layout. The tools such Photoshop, CorelDRAW, and Pixate so on are entirely their territory. Logo designing and graphics include the work flow of designers.

What is Web Developers’ cup of Tea?

Strictly speaking tasks of web developers can only be experienced, for it is back end process like coding, or development. Programming is indeed the backbone all website. The performance of a website including speed, and flexibility with various operating systems comes under the task of the developer. 

A developer deals with the choice of frameworks, and programming languages ranging from PHP to objective C. How a website function, and the user experience is controlled by the web developers. To a great extent, features of a website including security aspects are controlled by coding itself. Hence developers play a key role in the making of websites.


A website, as we all see is not a single entity as it stands. Many vital facets contribute to its functioning. Website development, and the designing are of top most importance while considering the creation of websites. Both are different, still very much close to each other in the functioning.

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