August 2015

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Have you been waiting for the release of PHP 7 ? If so, your long wait for it is becoming a reality, anytime soon. As a language for web development, it has continued to be popular among the PHP developers community. 

Undoubtedly, this server side scripting language is today the language that is much in demand. With a history of more than two decades, PHP has grown in popularity right from its version 3.0. As time passed, numerous features were added to this language, making the task of web development much interesting. 

Now that PHP 7 is on the horizon, it is certainly worth to discuss what new features can be expected, though this exercise is speculative in nature. 

PHP 7 Features and changes that are in the Making


PHPNG will become the basis for PHP 7

NG in PHPNG stands for 'next generation'. PHPNG, a new branch of PHP using Zend Engine, aims at improving the performance of PHP language and memory consumption efficiency. Also, code would run faster with JIT engine in PHP 7 dynamically compiling Zend opcodes into native machine code. 

Combined Comparison Operators

It is also called by the name Spaceship Operator. It serves in performing 3-way comparisons from two operands. < = > operator will return 0 in case the values of both sides are same, will Return 1 in case the value on the left is greater, will Return -1 in case the value on the right is greater.

Scalar Type Declarations

Scalar Type Declarations will make way to use integers, strings, floats and booleans as type declarations. It has to be noted that scalar type declarations are non-restrictive. So, passing a float value to integer parameter will simply coerce it to int with no warnings or errors getting generated. 

Nevertheless, in case a wrong type is passed as an argument, errors can be thrown by enabling strict mode. For enabling strict mode, declare() directive has to be placed at the file top. 

Return Type Declarations

With the coming of PHP 7, the PHP developer can have the flexibility to define the return type of functions and methods. The return type declarations would also work in coercion mode and strict mode, same as in the case of Scalar Type Declarations. 

Uniform Variable Syntax

Variable operators in the yet to be released PHP 7 obtain wider orthogonality. Unlike in the rest of PHP versions, it is possible to have a new operator combinations. The flexibility of combining variable operators arbitrarily is allowed.

Added to the above mentioned, PHP 7 will offer consistent 64-bit support, Anonymous class support, Isset Ternary Operator, Abstract syntax tree, null coalesce operator, lots of libraries, generator return expressions, generator delegation, and so on. 


No doubt, after the release of Version 7, PHP web development will get a shot in the arm. For developers, the sheer pleasure of working on PHP will only see an upward trend. As PHP 7 would be released anytime during the fourth quarter of 2015, you should till then continue with the preceding version of PHP, i.e., PHP 5.

The popularity of PHP is obviously known. Going by the market demand, this server-side scripting language that is used in web development is the most desired programming language. It is estimated that PHP was installed on 39% of the websites. This proves the point that PHP is the most preferred language among the web development community. 


 "To err is human..." goes the adage. True to that, in the course of coding, it is common that most PHP developers, at times even ninjas, commit some easily avoidable blunders, be it basic or complex ones. 

The many frameworks in PHP have only made the language more sophisticated, further increasing the chances of making mistakes. Avoiding these mistakes is, however, important, and will help you to speed up your development process. 

Failing to use Database Caching

Are you using a database in the PHP application? If so, ensure that you use some kind of database caching. Memcached, which is free, has now become the famous caching system. Use of Memcached will also contribute to the performance of the database. 

Use of incorrect Comparison Operator

Combining comparison operators in the code is definitely not so good practice. It is necessary to be very familiar with operators like =, = =, !=. These are a few operators which are misused, and knowing them better will drastically enhance the programming speed. Also, you do not have to spend too much time on debugging if the operators are understood better. 

Continuing the use of MySQL Extension

MySQL extension is not reliable and is insecure. It also misses on few modern MYSQL features and even doesn't support SSL. Surprisingly, many developers still continue to opt mysql extension. Having said that, it is now time for you to opt for MYSQLi.

Not using PHP Data Objects

MySQLi may be ahead of MySQL extensions. It is certainly fast, reliable and secure, but is MySQL specific. So, it will be instead better to use PDO. Doing so allows you to use object-oriented syntax. It will also make you ready for the SQL databases. 

Apart from that, PDO enables using of named parameters. Moreover, it would save a lot of time by allowing you to inject the fetched data into new object. 

Failing to rewrite URLs

Rewriting of URLs is very important. Having a URL full of variables will not be easy to memorize the URL. And so is not acceptable to today's needs. Hence, the URL has to be clean, easy to read and easy to remember. Make use of the guide that is offered by frameworks like Laravel, Symfony, Zend, Phalcon in setting up clean URLs. 


PHP web development will continue to gain popularity even in the coming days and there can be no doubt about that. Coding on a language like PHP will surely be a breeze if some of the commonly made mistakes are avoided. 

There is a huge demand for CodeIgniter among the PHP web developers due to its dynamic features and benefits these days. It is one of most popular and agile open source PHP framework for creating robust web applications in PHP web development field. 

Any web applications developed based on CodeIgniter framework perform effectively and rapidly. It helps the programmers to build dynamic and custom web applications with an advanced technology platform by offering valuable set of aspects to write code from scratch.

Let us look out some of benefits and features of CodeIgniter.  


Key features

Model-View-Controller Based System

CodeIgniter make use of the MVC system to find complex models and helps you to create application easily by using controllers and views. It assists the developer to build core libraries for the system and enables you to integrate your own existing scripts with database.

Error Handling

It offers simple user-friendly interfaces that help you to detect error functions throughout the application globally. In this way of approach, it provides instructions to error logging class that allows debugging messages to be saved as text files. It displays all PHP errors in your web application without missing inadequacy. 

Form Validation

This feature helps you to write the code in a single line by using effective validation framework system. It generates codes without any errors and ensures various control structures to be placed within the HTML form.


Developers can manage database schema updates across various web application fields easily with helps of the migration aspect. Migration from one server to another server is simple and hassle-free in CodeIgniter.

Configuration and Customizable 

This aspect helps the developers to create what they need to develop based on the web applications. You can edit the existing files in CodeIgniter easily and it does not confuse beginners to develop a new life. In addition, configuration and customizable of the files are easy in this frameworks.     

Benefits or Advantages of CodeIgniter

  • It helps web developers to find out the errors in programming codes and fix-up the issues instantly in the web applications.
  • It provides you user-friendly interface that help developers to create a dynamic, flexible, secure and large web applications effectively in a short span of time.  
  • Web developers can make use of this powerful framework to customize the configuration files easily and it provides hassle-free migration from source to destination service hosting.
  • The framework helps the programmer to create both front-end and rear-end of a web application effectively and easily in a secured manner. 
  • Programmers can create web applications with additional features and high-end functionalities by using in-built resource and libraries of the CodeIgniter. 

Final words

CodeIgniter is unique among many PHP frameworks and its features and merits ensure high functionality, better performance and world-class quality. This framework is really great for web developers to carry out some minor issues like in any other framework.

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