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If you have already nurtured the idea of creating a JavaScript- based application or a website, then you are on the right track to start deciding on an appropriate framework for your project.A framework optimizes your ability to devise a flexible, scalable and organized app development process. Frameworks like AngularJS, NodeJS and ReactJS are exemplary JavaScript tools which can structure your code and build up an intuitive web-application.

The Javascript frameworks are constantly developed and updated. Hence it is slightly cumbersome to differentiate the frameworks and clearly segregate them from one another. Hence it encourages an in-depth probe into all the frameworks.

Here we pick up the most well-approved and renowned frameworks - AngularJS, NodeJS and ReactJS.

1. AngularJS
Created by Misiko Hevery in the year 2009, AngularJS is a super-impact Javascript MVW framework. The famous websites which use AngularJS include Youtube, Vevo, Freelancer, Weather & skystore. It utilizes HTML as an application’s interactive interface and thereby simplifies the web development process. It further promotes a new way of testing apps.Testing is done by injecting mock data into controller and then measuring the output with behaviour. Filters and directives offer flexibility for Web app development. Filters help by taking care of data transformations.

AngularJS development is prone to few advantages and disadvantages simultaneously. While offering easy-to-test codes, simple routing and DI are few of its many advantages, complexities of the directives, slow design, and a limited router are some drawbacks. Not considering the cons, AngularJS is still among the most wanted frameworks among the Developers.

2. NodeJS
NodeJS is powered by Google Chrome V8 Javascript engine. It largely simplifies the development of complex applications. Node Package Manager (NPM) is a default tool which comes with NodeJS installation package. It supports the management of the entire package. Connect, Bluebird, MongoJS & MongoDB, lodash, pug are the most popularly used NPM modules.

HTTP is used in NodeJS and plays an important role in building amazing features as well as real time videos and audio coding. Like any other framework, NodeJS development addresses few pros and cons. The best part of NodeJS are a strong support system, ease of learning, and ease of streaming big files. However it lags behing in terms of scalability. Also, it requires a deeper probe into JavaScript owing to its complexity.

3. ReactJS
Inthe MVC architechture, React is more dependent on “V” I.e; view..It was built up with the intention of negating the prevailing issues og Javascript frameworks. No doubt it came out successful to a large extent.

This framework is SEO friendly to a large extent owing to itssimplicity compared to the other frameworks. Moreover it is efficient and makes regular and instant updates.
It owns a smooth interface design and its code can be reused. However a steep learning curve and flux architectures are some of its major drawbacks.

Final Thoughts
While there are many frameworks, choosing the right one is certainly a challenge. Here we just listed out the best ones in use of late. You may use any one, but based on your specific use and the benefits you would like to incur. Agriya, a major web development company is a developer of essential solutions and resources using JavaScript frameworks.

Launched in the year 2014, MEAN stack is a completely free and open-source platform facilitating the designing of websites as well as web-applications. Not just that, MEAN stack is listed as one of the most demanded and ‘sought after’ technologies by every custom web development company. The leading giants all across the globe are now incorporating MEAN stack in their web development processes. MEAN has indeed gone in a long way to elevate the mobile and web development processes and practices followed so far.

Developers visualize a list of benefits incurred from the incorporation of MEAN stack in website & mobile application development. Here we elaborate the features and benefits in detail. First of all, lets dig a little deeper into the acronym “MEAN”. For novice developers/Entrepreneurs/Readers, the following elaboration entails the meaning of “MEAN”:

MongoDB: This technology developed by MongoDB Inc. simply permits the sole usage JavaScript as a single language for all the processes. It is a free and cross-platform database which utilizes JSON document.

ExpressJS: It is one of the most essential tools used for developing mobile and web applications. This technology has enormous usage and can enable the building up of an entire website with Node.js & Express.js.

AngularJS: It is a front-end JS framework and an ideal tool for developing single page applications. It incorporates HTML along with some more characteristics.‘Agriya’ , one among the most renowned web-app development companies uses AngularJS & NodeJS  for Application Development.

Node.js: Its a free platform which along with Express.js helps in complete application development. Node.js came into existence after JavaScript had a utility-extension from merely running on the browser to one running as an application on any device. It allows usage of JavaScript for Server-side scripting.

Now let us throw the limelight on benefits of using MEAN stack:
1. MEAN allows easier switching between client & server as it is simple and fast.
2. Applications can be easily developed, tested & introduced in the cloud  as it offers high flexibility.
3. Uses JavaScript Object Notation (JASON) which is used in both NodeJS & AngularJS
4. To develop apps using MEAN stack, a developer needs to be proficient only in JavaScript. This makes the process budget-friendly and cost-effective.
5. It has a high speed and offers maintenance, test-ability & re-usability.
6. It is open source & available for free.

Agriya featuring as a renowned AngularJS development company
Agriya provides reputed angularJS development services to clients all across the globe and offers adaptable and flexible  web applications. It develops high-end, impeccable AngularJS codes.  It promotes interactive and customized AngularJS development for multiple devices and provides best solutions at reasonable prices. Besides that, Agriya lends systematic & valuable support for business growth and development.

Incorporating MEAN stack into web development processes is basically a simplified and less complicated process. It offers a lot of advantages and is therefore one of the most preferred technologies among developers. It enables app development with JavaScript alone and is hence the most preferred tool among users.

Social interaction was never as far-reaching and expanding as now. The answer to it is the raising up of virtual worlds. A virtual platform for social interaction was beyond the comprehension of people about few decades back. But with the advent of internet and strengthening of technology, online social platforms have been popularized. People find them easier to connect, communicate, expand social network, promote their products, extend customer reach, showcase their skills or promote via multimedia channels and so on. Ever since the onset and rise of online social networking platforms, many entrepreneurs have started investing on social media enterprises.

Agriya’s unique innovation of Online Social Networking solution is a medium to generate such interactive platforms through which users can project their social status, skills etc through personalized photos or videos.

Here we brief out some of its highlighted features in a nutshell:

1. Wide multimedia filtration range
You can allow wide filtration options for pictures and videos. These may include adjusting contrast, colour, applying themes, personalizing, adding graphics, editing or adding description and location details. Such option helps the user to include a touch of uniqueness and glamour to his feeds.

2. A sophisticated interface
An interface provides users with the look and feel of your website. The semantic user interface of the solution offers smooth navigation by virtue of which users feel free from any ambiguities while using your website. It is indeed the most essential requisite for a smooth-sailing user experience and consequently greater demand.

3. Choose your privacy
Need to Personalize your privacy can be a concern at times. So it is imperative to provide users with the flexibility to choose their own privacy limits. For instance, a user may not like to include some of his acquaintances or may prefer to exclude them for some personal reasons. This is possible with our solution offering exclusive privacy settings.

4. Advertisement & Promotion
Industries and businesses can make use of the website to enhance and project themselves. They can connect with the audience and expand their reach through informative pictures and videos that can be showcased on a public platform.

5. Customizing Feeds
It is equally imperative to customize your feeds to give it a personal touch. Agriya’s “Online Social networking solution” is endowed with a wide number of privileges to allow you to give your feeds the needed appearance & feel. User may add descriptions, hash-tags, captions and filters to showcase their public feeds.

The ready-made script of social networking solution is available for download. Here you can Download Social Networking Solution.

Final Review
Elaborate business plans and hectic schedules keep off entrepreneurs from chasing vital business opportunities. To limit the challenges and to ensure a faster progress, one can avail web-solutions for an instant and customized website formation(Considering the inevitability of a website to run a social networking enterprise). Agriya’s “Online Social Networking solution” caters to the needs of budding entrepreneurs through sustained and profitable social-networking website development.

To choose the right framework that matches your development demands can be a hectic task. Especially, with an overwhelming number of frameworks available, it is nearly impossible to make up your mind and fix it on any of those available frameworks. However, each javascript frameworks have its own unique traits and each should be chosen by validating the specific needs and purpose of the proposed build. Here, this document focus on the distinguishing factors that set the all three frameworks apart, which may aid you to choose the right one that fulfills your needs.

Developer’s Perspective

When we take popularity into account, vue.js is nowhere near. React and Angularjs are very familiar with the developer’s circle and is being used by tech giants such like Facebook, Reddit, Airbnb, Netflix, and Google. But what makes Vuejs distinct from the other two renowned frameworks are its lightweight and flexibility, which makes it a perfect alternative to Angularjs. Also, Vue.js is much simpler and less restrictive, whereas Angularjs is over-complicated and restrictive in nature.

However, according to the survey conducted by StackOverflow on 64,000 developers, 52% preferred Angularjs whilst the React was chosen by 67% of the community. Unfortunately, Vuejs was less familiar at that time and couldn’t find enough data.

Learn, Pros and Cons of Vue.js Framework


While digging deep, all the frameworks are component-based. Basically, a component gets an input and then after undergoing some internal functions/computing, it will return a rendered UI template (a sign in / sign out area or a to-do list item) as output. This is how it works. Anyhow, the components should be easy to reuse on the web page or within other components.

React and Vue both are good at handling dumb components; the tiny, stateless functions that receive an input will return elements as output.

Coding and Performance Measure

React and Vue can make use of the components of a former application if you are shifting from SPA to microservices. They integrate Redux and Vuex respectively as well. Anyway angular provide two-way data binding, where model states change according to UI elemental states. When it comes to React, the data flow is one-directional only. But then, the Vue js delivers both one-way and two-way data binding, with its one-way data binding mode being the default state.

Apart from this, Angular has a huge file size of 143k, where Vue js accounts for 23k and React for 43k alone. Both React and Vue incorporate a DOM, however, Vue surpasses React in terms of deep memory allocations. Shown below the performance comparison between Angular, React and Vue.js.

Flexibility and Migration to Microservices

React and Vue js outstrip Angular js in terms of flexibility, Every Vue or  React native development services will confirm this claim with their experience. React and Vue.js are impressively convenient that you can easily work with those by adding Javascript library into the source code. But, the case of Angularjs is different. Because of using Typescript, this isn’t possible with it.

Microservices and Microapps are getting familiar nowadays. React and Vue allows its users to manage the size of the application by choosing only the things that are necessary. They make it simple to migrate from SPA to microservices by utilizing the parts of the previous application. The greater size of Angularjs makes it hard to be used for microservices.

Learning Curve

There is undoubtedly a steep learning curve for Angularjs. Even if it has a complete documentation, sometimes the user might feel frustrated because of the complexity included. Even with a good grasp in Javascript, one has to learn deep to understand the core concepts. However, it provides a lot of included packages and code.

Comparatively, Vue and React are easy to learn. This may be the reason why several companies have shifted from Angular Js development to Vue.js development. Vuejs is much simpler and is very convenient for junior developers to learn. In Fact, nowadays many developers claim that things that they had done in angular or react once would have been better done with Vue.js. From our personal perspective, if you are an experienced javascript developer or if you have been using Jquery for long, then you should consider Vue.js. Vue looks similar to similar javascript but with more advanced functions like components, an event-driven-model, and one-way data flow.

Refer - 5 Most popular frameworks for the future

The Verdict

Choosing one over other frameworks are difficult. In fact, they are designed for different users with different demands. If you admire vast ecosystems and flexibility or if you fancy a dozen of packages, react is the right choice. Angularjs make use of Typescript and is ideal for those who have a strong grasp of Object-Oriented Programming (OOP), who craves detailed guidance and structure. Unlike these frameworks, Vue is the simplest of all. It is perfect for entry-level developers, it is adequate to integrate for a small team of core developers.

Online food ordering and delivery has become so familiar recently, It is being adopted by almost every restaurant business as the customers accepted this concept of delivery. This digital invasion into the conventional business scenario has intensified the competition and hardness to sustain. 

Keeping with the spirit, Agriya launches an intelligent Online Food Ordering Solution, adequate for businesses to set up a food delivery platform right away.

Key Features to Look Out For

The in-depth food ordering solution from Agriya integrates many distinguishable features to facilitate the end-user operations as well as the admin-side functions. It perfectly mix up all the ingredients and thus deliver a pleasant food ordering experience.

Rationalized End-user operations, Simplified workflow

Many user-focused attributes are included in Agriya’s food ordering solution to deliver a complete end-user experience. 

Flawless Navigation and Workflow

With simplified user flow and navigation functions user can easily browse through their favorite foods, they can further order it. 

Simple Authentication

Easy authentication for users to join. Sign in with regular Email or through social profiles. Besides, options are given to login as a guest.

Previous Order History

Access previous order and transaction details from order history. It can be used for future references.

Reviews and Ratings

Write reviews on restaurants, services, food and more. Help businesses improve further, help them enhance the user-experience.

Valid Payment Gateways

Safe and secure cash transactions with the help of genuine payment gateways such as Paypal. 

Incorporate Agriya’s Food Ordering Solution for improved business efficiency

Delivery partners or restaurants have their own delivery system can integrate this renowned online solution and efficiently manage their delivery process. The significant features are listed below.

Own and Outsourced Delivery Possibilities

Agriya’s full-scale solution can be used by single restaurants or else it can be used to set up an outsourced delivery platform. Either way it meet all the demands of both scenarios.

Organize and Manage the Orders

Restaurants or outsourced business organizations can organize and manage the orders efficiently, thus accelerate the business progress too. 

Precise Navigation and Directions

Advanced GPS and navigation functions are included to guarantee flawless delivery. It facilitates delivery person to quickly find and deliver the order easily.

Market-centric Approach to Support Business, Make it Easy for Them to Sustain

The premium solution from Agriya contains all the ingredients of an efficient food ordering solution. It facilitate businesses to manage and organize the ongoing process. Here's the demo, 

Varied Revenue Sources

Improve your ROI by taking advantage of diverse revenue models. Agriya introduced several income generation methods within this solution to help businesses succeed.

All-inclusive Admin Panel

The powerful admin panel provides complete control for the admin, make it easy for them to monitor and  manage the ongoing processes.

Intelligent Analytical Insights

Deep analytical insights on customer behaviors and actions. Take further steps by considering the customer expectations and demands. 

Default Email Templates

Predefined Email templates to streamline your Email marketing efforts. It saves time and effort as well.


The online food ordering is more than just an emerging trend, it is turning out to be a lifestyle. The convenience and ease it brings to our hectic routine are exceptional. On the other hand, it unveiled great business possibilities for passionate entrepreneurs. Agriya’s new online food ordering solution facilitate these small business entrepreneurs, help them to set up an all-around food ordering platform within a limited period of time. 

Mobile apps have turned out to be an inevitability of modern-day business. Businesses incorporated mobile applications as part of their marketing strategies because of its ability to adapt to customer’s day to day life. A successful app development constitutes numerous factors. In Fact, it has to satisfy all the aspects of customer expectations. Considering this, one has to impress the user by offering a compelling user experience, a comprehensive experience that aid users to fulfill their desired task. Now, let's take a closer look at few of the best practices that help you bring about a compelling user experience.

Flawless Functionalities 

Doesn't matter whether you represent an Android App development company or iPhone Application Development Services, one thing which has a  major influence on your application’s success is user experience. Most of the developers seem ignorant when it comes to functionalities. They are not even on their priority lists. Research shows that 85% users quit using an app due to errors and hitches, whilst 60% uninstalled the app for the same reason.

The functionality of an app should be designed in such a way to aid user to complete their operations. App developers must have to prioritize the core features, they need to give attention to mobile-only features in order to attract more retention rate.

Optimized User Onboarding 

Efficient onboarding is the key that decides the customer behaviour. It is the first thing that user going to interact. Anyhow, to produce a good impression is important for businesses to keep their chances alive. Providing cutting-edge onboarding is the best way to elevate your engagement and retention ratio.

The purpose of onboarding is to prove the value of the application to the user. There are several ways to enhance the same. For instance, you can incorporate a tutorial session to help users understand the process.

Streamlined User Interface  

Usability is a collective factor, which comprises design, content, layout of data and more. To ensure usability or user-friendliness, one has to rationalize the end-user operations, simplify it. To be consistent with the controls are important. For instance, if swiping right results in the deletion of user account, ensure the same for rest of the pages as well.

Moreover, never neglect the fact that you are no longer designing for desktop users. Design for touch is the concept of optimizing the design for touch, not clicks. Make sure the forms, buttons and other elements that demand a touch input or gesture are wide enough to avoid overlap with adjacent elements or misinterpretation of the touch event.

Personalized, User-focused Content

Mobile user-experience follows the rule of minimalism. The reason why content is important is, it can engage people, it has the potential to help people take a decision. A clear and focused content, which helps users to relate with themselves can perform miracles. To add a flavor of personalization to the content is the right way to deal with.

Personalizing the content includes understanding the customers. You need to optimize the content for both the existing customers and the new ones. Besides, incorporate the relevant call to actions to catalyst customer’s need to buy the product. However, it is recommended to have personalized UX too. Grasp the customer behaviour patterns and offer the right deals that suit them.

Optimize Search, Provide support

It's obvious that users get confused or lost while using an application. Provide suitable support options like FAQ, live chat, contact form etc to confront this situation.
When it comes to the search bar, it is placed to meet the expectations of the users. Giver suitable filter and sort options to help users get more targeted search results. Location of the search bar is parallelly important too. Place them in a way that it must be easy to find.

Bottom Line

The technology boom of recent times provided businesses with a multitude of choices. A handful of open source platforms such as TheAppBuilder, Appery etc are available, which makes app building a lot easier. Any Mobile Application development company in India, USA or even anyone with an average coding knowledge is capable to deploy an impeccable mobile application but on the last thing that decides your success is user’s approach. Refer above-mentioned practices to fine-tune your efforts to enhance user experience.

A key to your next e-business venture!

On-Demand Service has huge scope in India after exploring the proliferation in the service industry due to an increasing need for on-demand services. All household services including plumbing, carpentry, housekeeping and much more can be made available with a simple online tool. Though this concept has come way before the rampant digitization in India, it is still a nascent business idea with lot of business scope. 

Looking at the profound coverage and demand for on-demand service, Agriya has developed its own solution for a successful and effective enterprise. Once you have made up your mind to choose this as your next business venture, you can avail Agriya’s On-Demand Services Booking solution and create your own marketplace.

Here we illustrate some of the requisite attributes of this solution:  

Navigate with a semantic User Interface

The solution is designed with a user-friendly interface and offers smoother and faster navigation through your website. This is the foremost criteria to develop a unique and customer-specific website. A good user-interface and a simplified look and make up of your website makes it a desirable platform .

Maintain and update a catalogue of services

There is a provision whereby you can simply add and delete the required services with a click. You can manage your list easily by updating the services on a frequent basis as well as the associated benefits and costs.

A Multilingual Platform

Let your customers relish a smoother navigation and browsing through your website by offering them a lingual choice. This feature wins your website a golden star as more customers across the globe can feel at home navigating through your website.

Try the demo,

Feedback & Review system

Avail the benefit of an intelligent feedback and review system allowing you to accept and respond immediately to customer opinions & feedback thereby making space for upgradation and improvement.

User Authentication

Our system prescribes secure sign up and log in methods by taking in all the available essential details to ensure user authenticity as well as protect the user from security concerns.

Cities and Locations

Update your cities and location and prepare your zone based on your requirement.

Service Listings

Make a list of services in a click with our automated system. Add and delete services conditioned to availability & match them up with relevant costs.

Final Remark

Thus, we present the much needed solution for the On-Demand Services Marketplace which you may be willing to adopt as your next enterprise . Make the most of this rewarding business venture by streamlining this solution and making the most out of its exquisite attributes. 

Agriya is heading to launch its ultimate event managing solution with a view to making event-planning a hassle-free process. Numerous planners and event-leaders encounter issues in proper scheduling of events, coordinating & channeling timely information among team-members. While time-allotment is a crucial factor to be considered in event management, there are many such factors to be underlined before planning an event. 

Our new Event booking solution encompasses all these features to provide a systematic programming of events. So if you are on a lookout for solutions, this event booking solution from Agriya is a befitting solution for developing customized event ticketing platform.

Here we explore some of the features of this innovative platform for all event-plans :

Smooth Installation Process

While we work hard to provide you a simple solution, we also ensure that you experience a smooth installation process. For that all necessary details are emailed to the client along with appropriate instructions and guidelines. The client is provided with any immediate backup for sudden queries and concerns as well.

Simple & Personalized Events set up

Any number & all categories of events can be generated through this comprehensible solution. A new event is created with a new title and a matching description. You can generate tickets of your choice for each event as well. There is a provision to display the number of available tickets as well as the prices of different tickets. Once the tickets are selected, they can be added to the cart following which the order can be finalized & processed. 

A Secure Transaction Gateway

This unique platform offers convenient and secure transaction gateway to enhance user-experience & prevent any clashes. The system administers ‘Paypal’ for all kind of transactions making it a reliable & dependable platform for successful projects.

Wider Language flexibility

This solution keeps doors open for users preferring specific languages.The user can switch between languages as per his need.

Clear Event-Maps for online booking

Users may explore the available seats for events in clear maps showcased. Based on the availability and personal preference the user may book his seats following which the registered user is forwarded e-tickets by email. The user may just have to reserve his tickets for participating in the event.

Real-Time User Activity Management

The administrator can access his settings and monitor all user activities on a real-time basis. All activities beginning from registration of users, booking of tickets by user, sending emails can be done and monitored in real time.

Explicit Layout

The content layout is user-friendly and follows a step-by-step approach. It is comprehensible, neat & last but most importantly flexible & reliable. Event-managers may manage bookings and last time entries with least hassle owing to the simplicity of the booking and payment procedures.


Agriya’s event booking solution is a miraculous opportunity for entrepreneurs looking forward to making event managing a simple process for businesses & large organizations. This solution is an answer to all complex event planning as it supplies a platform for upright time-coordination & information-channeling among team members. 

Every business enterprise, big or small, is on a constant lookout for cost-saving tactics. Severing a portion of advertising costs can prove beneficial as it owes a major chunk of investment to business firms. Keeping this in mind, we have designed an ‘online classified ad solution’. This is perhaps, the simplest approach towards posting an ad and getting noticed with minimal expenditure. Going further, you will come to know more about this exquisite solution and its benefits.

Easy as pie!

This top tier classified ads solution from Agriya will get you going with your advertising enterprise without any hassle. Be it for real estate, pets, dating or jobs, this solution is a remarkable tool to develop any kind of advertisement platform. The site is neatly aligned and categorized with simple yet variable features. 

A well-defined Public Website

The Public website features various options to help first-time visitors as well as other users. It provides drop-down menus to select from the category list(Bikes, Books, Cameras and so on), a list of cities and languages. The front page consists of a search engine with filters, Ad creation Tab, user profile and dashboard, Ads, payment details, personal data, messages & subscription packages. 

Following are some of the features showcased on the Public Website in detail:

User Login & Registration (Both Buyers & Sellers)

The user login and registration is plain sailing and offers a quick & secure registration through social networking sites (Google, Twitter & Facebook) too. 

Ad Generation

Even a layman can create an ad with this super-easy Ad generation tool. All you have to do is insert the Ad Title, Description, Category, Advertiser type, Price, contact number, and location.

Ad Management

The ads posted by users are showcased under the ‘My Ads’ title.The user can view & smoothly manage his ads, payment, personal information, messages & subscription packages here.

Ad Package Subscription

Users can subscribe to Ad packages by selecting the ad category as well as the package of their choice.

Adding Extra Features to Ads

There is a special provision whereby you may add some extra features to ads. For example, you may like to tag your ads on a priority basis as “In Top”, “Urgent”, “Highlight” or “Top Ads”.

Communicating through messages

Viewers may contact the ad-owner with brief messages by putting in their detailed information including name and email-id.

Payment Gateway

Payment methods are simple with wide options. Zazpay & Paypal are the two payment channels. Zazpay is an integration of multiple gateways and can be changed depending on preference.

Transaction summary & Details

A complete transaction summary with dates is auto-generated following each business transaction which may be reviewed or re-verified as per requirement.

Secure & Protected Administration Module

You can handle the advertisements and user profiles by logging into the Administration module. You might add, edit or delete users, manage, rearrange or update advertisements, as well as configure your site with the desired logos and names.
Final Remark

With a view to making ad- posting a profitable affair, we have come up with this simple solution. If you are keen on setting up an online classified ad marketplace, then cheer up! We have the entire idea encapsulated for you!

Agriya's Taxi Booking Solution

Agriya’s Taxi booking solution is making a debut with some exciting features & layout. If you are on the verge of starting your own taxi booking app project, ‘Taxi Booking Solution’ is the simplest option for you. The Taxi booking solution pledges to impart a highly ergonomic, interactive and user-supportive interface.While booking a taxi is much in demand and hype, it is not free from flaws. After elaborate research and development, we have tried to feature some aspects pertinent to the smooth functioning of such apps.

Here we are listing out some of the key ingredients of this solution,

Unique vehicle classification

Agriya's taxi booking solution provides an option where the classification of cars is ultra-cool and simple. You can provide your customers a good range of options where they can select the car of their choice from a complete list of vehicles with riding-costs listed, on the tip of their fingers.

Separate solutions compatible to I-phone and Android-phones

Agriya has ready-made solutions both for I-phones and Android-supporting devices. Both the solutions offer the same service on the respective platforms. All you need to do is customize it as per the user’s needs.

A secure online payment base and e-wallet system 

You can offer the user an online interactive payment platform so that the travelers can make secure transactions without the botheration of having to pay in cash every time. An e-wallet offers you to pay some cash to your application so that it can directly make payments in your favor.

A proper user verification system

User verification is pertinent to allowing a secure transaction and safety. Every driver and customer need to register with your application adhering to some specific criteria and agreeing to our terms & conditions.

Traveller OTP verification

An OTP shall be generated which needs to be verified by the driver. This helps to maintain exact pickup information & prevents bias.

Adding Emergency Contact

This enables the user to add the contact number of his nearest friend or relative so as to ensure that he is able to access his/her in case of an emergency situation.

Confirmation of source & destination

The app must be designed to allow the users to confirm their chosen places for pick up and drop lest there should be any mistyped and error. The customer has to select from the available list of places, confirm his selection and then finally confirm his travel.

A mutual rating system

Both the drivers and travels can mutually rate each other on a scale of 1 to 5 stars with an option of listing out their reasons to maintain professionalism and improve every encounter. This option helps to make driving safer and keeps both the parties accountable.

Summing up

Agriya’s solution is laden with latest features and provides you with all the necessary backing to get you started on your new project. If you are keen on making it big, Agriya is here to support your endeavor.Go ahead with this feature-intensive solution for your Taxi Booking App Development Project.

At the turn of the century, education has played a pivotal role in revolutionizing our thought process and in modifying our economies of scale. Education, in general, has also evolved over the years giving rise to new age approaches to learning. The fast-flowing, technology-oriented consumption driven lifestyle of the younger generation has pushed the education sector to diversify and offer a wider range of portals specifically suited to the modern times. Nevertheless, a comprehensive education portal still seems like a far-fetched idea, we at Agriya identified the need for a solution to answer the educational woes of modern day students. After some brief research and market analysis, we created our first ever complete, coherent, highly flexible online learning solution.  

A multi-dimensional approach to manage full scale operations

Agriya’s online learning solution has combined highly valuable intrinsic and extrinsic features and balanced them accordingly to suit the modern day lifestyles of students and teachers. Since it adopts a multi-dimensional approach, this application is tailor-made for teachers, students and the admin who would be in charge of the operations. With the inclusion of various exclusive add-ons and plug-ins, our concentric, all-purpose e-learning solution is bound to stand out from others. 

Adaptable learning methodologies to maximize learning output

One of our main priorities was to inculcate a healthy and productive learning environment for the students. Three different types of learning modules have been introduced to keep the students thoroughly engaged during the duration of the course. 
  • Online training - Real-time live through online mediums
  • On-site training - In-depth practical training provided on site.
  • Video lessons - Add/upload video lessons to provide more clarity.

Generate revenue from multiple sources

We designed this application with the main intention of competing with the top players in the market. Therefore a specific business-oriented approach was followed in order to maximize your return on investment. Revenue can be generated through organic, referral, affiliate and advertisements. With an added advantage of accepting multiple currencies, this application favors hassle-free transactions. An internal, highly calibrated analytic system is integrated to provide analytical reports and reliable statistics on your business progress. 

Distinct evaluation models to assess the students

Students can challenge their skills by attempting interactive tests, quizzes, and puzzles. These tests will further sharpen their skills and this will also provide teachers interesting insights into the student’s learning techniques. Individual attention is provided to all the students to ensure the students and the tutors exchange valuable inputs about their methodologies.

A flexible, highly customizable learning solution 

The market is currently loaded with various e-learning portals which are highly specific in nature. However, we have designed this one-stop online solution considering the current and future market trends of the education segment. Therefore, this solution is streamlined to function efficiently on multiple platforms. A dynamic interface allows you to customize this solution for different academic purposes. 

Final thoughts

Our intention to develop this all rounded multi-purpose innovative e-learning solution was solely driven due to the lack of competent e-learning portals in the present market.  With in-built features to assist in marketing and strategic decision making, this e-learning solution is all ready to be launched to the market. Stay tuned for more exciting updates. 

Doctor Appointment Booking Software - Upgrade

Agriya has maintained a successful track record for releasing prompt updates to their products. This is deeply embedded in our belief system and in keeping up with our traditions we are proud to announce the launch of our updated version of ABS - Doctor Appointment Booking script which is basically a Zoc Doc clone script, designed and built by Agriya to exclusively serve Doctors and patients.  

Purpose of this update

The world of appointment booking services are constantly evolving and the primary reason for this update is to ensure our product stays ahead of the pace of the current marketing trends and competition. In order to make this application function faster and more efficiently, we have incorporated a few desirable changes. This update has witnessed marked improvements in the user interface of the application. 

Minor issues resolved 

A few minor bugs hindering the user experience have been fixed in this version. The application has gone through a major revamp in terms of the user settings to make it more flexible and appealing to the patients in terms of usability. A separate search option which was available in the earlier version has been upgraded to add more fluidity in the search process resulting in better patient service. Notification panels and alert messages have been altered to offer instantaneous updates to both the Doctor and the patient.

Integration of Highly Innovative plug-ins

We have integrated a few innovative plug-ins to boost the overall productivity of the script. We have made sure these plug-ins are amalgamated into the script after careful research.  

Editable Mail Content

The previous version had a more simplistic, practical approach. Similar to other appointment booking services, an SMS notification will alert the patient about the confirmed booking slot. However, in the updated version Doctors can edit the contents of the SMS, depending on the patient’s medical history and the available booking slots. This option is extended to even email notifications.This option is highly beneficial during times when the Doctor is unavailable or during situations when the patients have a special medical condition. 

Comprehensive patient history

The patient history will usually contain all the medical history and records of the patients including information about their test results and scans. This particular section has been updated to enable more transparency with the patients. Their medical history and records can be edited as many times possible depending on their recent medical tests. 

Assimilated Medical field groups

Before fixing an appointment normally the patients will fill in their personal details. These fields are filled usually before the appointment can be booked.  Most of the time the application saves the default details filled in the field list.However, in certain circumstances, another person apart from the patient might fill that form, during these situations Doctors can edit, update and add more fields to get more information about the new patient.

Check out the demo of ABS - Zocdoc clone script  

Final words

Agriya has completely revitalized this script by tweaking vital aspects of this application, this has further fortified the application’s efficiency and functionality. Predominantly this upgrade was done to increase the overall user experience and this specific upgrade is a marked improvement compared to the previous version. 

Currently, the updated version of ABS is available in three separate subscription packages. Most of the basic features are available in the Advanced subscription package, with a wide range of features available in the Pro and Pro plus subscription package. With an exquisite list of plug-ins and features, ABS is bound to help you reap profits and sustain in this competitive market in the long run. 

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