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People always say that “the best things in life cannot be seen but felt from your heart”. Even though those words are powerful beyond our interpretations, this isn’t the case with hiring resources. In fact, you cannot gamble on such things that will cost you a fortune if it goes wrong. An app development scenario is somewhat similar to this; for there are a thousand possibilities that the process could go wrong. Thus and so, to pay keen attention while hiring developers is absolutely critical. This document particularly focuses on helping enterprises with hiring the right resources for their next app development scenario.

What Shouldn’t be Done While Hiring Mobile App Developers?

We as a leading Android/ iOS app Development Company, believe that the things we don’t do and things we do, both have a similar impact in some way. So, here we list out don’t dos of hiring a resource.

 Don’t hire anyone by merely considering the cost involved
 Do not settle with simple ROI; consider all the three ROIs
 Ask for proper documentation, and never hire anyone who cannot provide the same
 Do not blindly choose any offshore Mobile Application developers without having an idea about the resources they have
 Take into consideration the maintenance policy; don’t hire anyone who lack the same.
 Check for proper certifications and don’t choose anyone does not sign a non-disclosure agreement.
 Give good consideration to privacy; in fact, the developer should also be aware of the same.

Key Things to Remember While Hiring an App Developer

When it comes to entry-level business, app or web development has always been a stumbling block. In the midst of all the choices, isn’t hard to find the right person or the team that suits your development needs. Take a glance at major factors that influence the process of hiring a resource.

Deep Domain Expertise is a Highly Admirable Quality

It isn’t impossible to find app developers nowadays. In fact, you can manage to find a few through references or even through online channels. But, the real question is, how good they are when it comes to this particular domain. Did their expertise matches with your objectives? Make sure that the person or the organization you are planning to hire for your next app development campaign has deep expertise in the business domain.

Go for Relevance: Look Specifically for Those Who have Accomplished Expertise in This Particular Scenario

Relevancy is all that matters in app development, and the relevancy should be found by searching for it. Truly, from our perspective and experience, it is comparatively very easy to find developers but, the hardest part is to find the right one that really has the potential to satisfy your unique requirements. Hence we recommend you looking for the ideal team, the one who possesses an accomplished expertise in your business vertical.

Absolute Proficiency: Hire Someone Who can Build Apps Compatible for Diverse Platforms

This signifies one important question that one should ask themselves before hiring any app developer. For which platforms you want to develop the app for? You must have a clear solution for this question before you go deep into the process of development? In fact, it doesn’t matter much if you choose to build an app for Android users alone, and it is totally alright if you want to accommodate all kind of users. The point is, you should be very clear about your requirements and needs and isn’t always better to go for someone who can meet all your requirements and has a profound knowledge of all the platforms.

Right Size and Technology Stack Matters

Because the app development is an overwhelming process, planning the size of the developer’s team and the right technology stack can have a significant influence on the entire process. What possible difficulties will you confront if you choose a team of small size? The fact is, creativity is all about connecting ideas and skills; for if you don’t have enough resources, the skills, ideas, and exposure you will get will be narrowed down. Same as, if you hire a team of many developers, there is a possibility that it leads you to serious financial liabilities.

Try form a communication Channel and try if it works

Right communication is the key to successful app development. Your requirements, needs, objectives, and expectations should be clearly communicated with the team you’ve hired. Besides, you need to connect with them, monitor every phase of development and communicate every once in a while to make sure maximum relevance and efficiency.

Interested in Hiring Agriya’s Industry-specific App Development Services?

Tired of searching for Mobile Application Development Company in India? Well, Agriya offers end-to-end app solutions for businesses from all verticals. Our industry-specific research and development approaches help us focus on the specific requirements of our clients. Moreover, we follow a milestone-based strategy, which centers on the efficiency of each milestone we define. Explore our website to know more.

As the learning goes digital, there see an immense surge in customer expectations and demands. E-learning solution from Agriya’s rich product line has served a multitude of businesses, helped them get the best out of their strategies through smart automation. However, with the changing market scenarios, there comes a need to innovate our first-rate solution a little further than it was before. Hence and so launches a premium enhancement-focused update for the same. 

All-new Millenial-optimized Digital Learning Solution for Advancing Businesses

E-learning solution from Agriya has been around for some time. It has transformed the way e-learning businesses operate, ushered them to a much efficient e-learning scenario that facilitates their efforts towards business growth and potential. The new update of E-learning solution is clearly deliberate and is centered on ensuring maximum performance boost and accuracy. Other than the bug fixes and enhancements, we have also integrated a couple of features to elevate the overall functioning capacity of the software.

Stripe-based Payments for Reliable Transactions

Since money implies the most admiring entity in any business, optimizing the methods of transactions seemed important to us. Thus with a clean intend to streamline the transactions, at the same time bringing simplicity element into the same, we introduce a unique but very effective Stripe-based payment method. 

Unlike other similar mobile payment service providers, Stripe ensures simplicity and secure interaction with its servers. Moreover, it is favorably user-focused; it doesn't have setup fees, monthly fees, minimum charges, and card storage fees as well. 

Subscription Revenue Stream to Facilitate Organizational Growth

Incorporating a very different pricing model into our existing model was super challenging. There were many hurdles we had to face. However, through keen research on businesses who adopt the same model, also, the market growth conditions, we involved a novel subscription-based pricing model into E-learning solution.

The major advantage we have noticed was the surge in customer retention rate this specific model can create. Moreover, it guarantees payment safety, optimizes the cash flow management, and also deliver all-around stability to your business. 

Bottom Line

The premium E-learning solution signifies one of the smartest digital learning portal available as of now. And with the addition of new attributes, we made it all set for a new league. It is a comprehensive solution, also it is open for further modifications if you have any special feature preferences. Anyhow, since this is a ready-made script, it aids businesses to deploy an incredible e-learning mobile app within a matter of days. 

As the digital began dominating the business scenarios, the significance of web development has also increased substantially. However, we have a ton of platforms and coding practices from which we have to choose from when considering the current web development scenario. CMS or content management system is basically a web development tool specifically made to manage the web contents. It helps you arrange a variety of contents ranging from documents to images and video. One can also edit, delete, recover or publish those without any hassle. WordPress now signifies one of the most prominent content management systems and have no serious competition as of now.

Key Benefits of Adopting a Wordpress CMS Development Strategy

What makes WordPress-based CMS different from others? Mention below the core benefits of employing a WordPress CMS strategy.

Accessibility and Usability - Wordpress is known for its easy to access feature. Also, since it is made SEO friendly, the possibility of bringing more traffic to your website is comparatively high. Besides, multiple users can access the WordPress from distinct locations as well.

Proven Track Record - Wordpress is well renowned and proven effective when it comes to CMS. Over 65% of websites based on CMS owe to Wordpress, Moreover, 22% of registered domains have Wordpress installed. What more do you want to trust the most renowned content management system?

Expandability - The features, functionalities, and attributes integrated with Wordpress are efficient to expand your platform as the business grows. You can add professional or personal blogs to your websites as per your requirements.

Content Syndication - In Wordpress, every time you publish a blog or an article, it will go to RSS feed without any manual interference. And this makes it simple for anyone to syndicate your content.

Fully Customizable - The major distinction between Wordpress and  Html5 Development is that the Wordpress is completely open to customization. Since WordPress act as an engine for your website, you can personalize the look and feel of your website as per your business demands.

HTML Editing or FTP Software is Not Necessary - What makes Wordpress our favorite is the fact that it is a self-contained system. You need not rely on HTML editing or any FTP software.  As a leading website development company, we adopted Wordpress because it makes it easy for us to create a new page or blog post, format text, upload images, etc., all without depending on HTML editing or any kind of FTP software.

Enhance Your Website Functionalities by Utilizing Plugins - Do you want to integrate a Facebook Fan Box, Twitter Feed, video gallery or an event calendar to your website? This can be accomplished with Wordpress plugins. You can choose from free as well as paid plugins according to your needs.

Inventive Features to Facilitate Your Efforts - Wordpress ensure maximum efficiency and simplicity by offering a multitude of attributes that aids users to perform their desired tasks. Features such as integrated link management, fresh permalink structure, automatic filter etc are prominent among them.

Open Source Communities - Apart from the way Wordpress operates, it is admired for the reason that it is an open source.  And because it is backed by a broader community, it is absolutely easy to get the help and guidance you need.

Future Demand - Wordpress is growing every year by 30% and it is believed to be continued for at least 5-6 years. Since the community implies the core strength of Wordpress, the contributions from the community itself will be the backbone of its future endeavors.

Interested in Hiring our Expert Wordpress CMS Development Services?

Being involved in core software development for over 15 years, Agriya is one of the most admired open source development company in India. We have deployed almost 1000 products for clients from over 100 countries. We have a proven track record and is well renown for our customer-focused development approach. Our Wordpress CMS development services are purely result-oriented and known for consistent support services we offer for the same. Explore our website to know more about us.

Mobile applications are the beacon of the success of modern-day digital businesses.  As a business having mobile marketing as part of your business strategy, your business model, goals, demands, revenue model, and all other crucial elements are intertwined with a mobile application. When businesses like Uber, swiggy etc solely depends on mobile apps, many renowned organizations such as Nike, Starbucks, Domino’s pizza and Shell has recently integrated mobile apps into their business strategy. The massive increase in the number of mobile users reminds businesses about the significance of mobile applications.

Even though a huge number of businesses have already succeeded in deploying their business apps, there is a multitude of entry-level businesses still struggling to meet the requirements of a successful mobile app development campaign. Mobile app development solutions from Agriya centers on offering technology assistance to startups and medium-level businesses. We provide full-cycle app development services, also provide ready-made scripts for specific industries.

Delivering End-to-end App Development Services for a Wide Spectrum of Business Segments

Agriya’s mode of operation is entirely different from a traditional mobile app development company. Instead of focusing on deploying as many apps, we develop market-relevant, clearly-focused mobile apps that meet the needs of the industry itself. Since we consider users as the most valuable resource for any business, we strive to deliver the best user-experience and thus ensure credibility and trust. However, businesses are not an exception as well. Agriya designed their development approach in a such a way it accommodates both users and businesses. We don't believe in overwhelming of features, but stability and balance.

One of the major issues faced by all the entry-level and medium businesses is the cost associated with mobile app development. Besides, the resources and the effort included in the process is huge. In fact, we have witnessed many scenarios where businesses have struggled to complete the project within a particular time frame. Agriya overcomes all these barriers through  experimenting, constant innovation and great expertise. And in order to justify the quality we claim, we adopt best from React native, Obj. C, Java and all other sources possible. Moreover, the milestone strategy followed by Agriya helps businesses track and monitor the progress of the development; thus helps maintain a transparent relationship.

Below listed the particular business segments where Agriya offers mobile app development solutions for,

- Business Communication
- Mobile Banking
- M-commerce
- Logistics
- Warehouse Management
- Real Estate
- House Cleaning
- Doctor-on-demand
- Laundry
- Beauty/Salon
- Grocery
- Coaching/Tutors
- Parking
- Fitness
- Dating
- Courier/Package Delivery
- Food Ordering
- Pet Care
- Repair & Maintenance

Other Products and Services from Us

Agriya renders a wide range of products and services other than custom app development. Ready-made software scripts can also be availed by businesses to seamlessly deploy a mobile application. Since these scripts target certain specific industry, it is meant for businesses that seek an affordable and effortless way to sneak into a particular domain. As for instance, if you are looking to step into commuting segment, TaxiPickr - Uber clone script will be the ideal solution for you. It denotes a fully-fledged ready-made taxi booking software, which can be used by businesses to set up an Uber-like mobile app.

Bottom Line

The notion of mobile apps is first introduced in the early 1990s and since then it has influenced numerous businesses and industries in a way you can’t even contemplate, During the recent years we have witnessed a record increase in the number of app users and this clearly shows the potential future of mobile applications. Anyhow, Agriya has been a part of the industry for more than 16 years and have given significant contribution to the particular economy. With constant learning, practice, innovation, and expertise we believe we have so much more to offer to the long-waiting Digital age.

What makes a business successful? The ability to adapt to the change, and the courage to go with the same, is the key. Transforming your business into digital fundamentally signifies your response to change. And this change to digital dimension is inevitable now. Either you accept it or you will out of the game. To help startup businesses step into the modern-day digital scenario and to adapt to the culture ahead of them, Agriya has made their premium software scripts free of cost. Businesses can choose from a wide class of software and download the same in one click. No more pricey software development practices, no prolonged development cycle, no resource scarcity; free ready-made software solutions from Agriya is perfectly set up to fulfill the digital needs of your enterprise.

Build Digital Presence for Your Business Easier Than Ever Before

Developing an online presence for your business can often be tedious. A great deal of requirements is associated with it. Above all, you need to find a way to handle the overwhelming competition. However, the reward is worth all the struggles you have to go through. To make this process of change much bearable and to ensure a faultless digital transformation, you can take advantage of Agriya’s free ready-made software scripts. We offer a wide range of software products and industry-specific solutions, which can be employed free of charge to deploy astounding digital platforms. Moreover, the features that are integrated into the scripts are designed to compliment your efforts to rationalize your business. And the spectacular dose of inventiveness helps you stand out in the crowd.

Reform your Digital Platform with Regards to the Market Needs

Today’s constantly changing digital scenario demands an adaptive business strategy to withstand the current. This why we offer our customers the freedom to modify the platform in accordance with their goals and requirements. Customizing the software to adapt to the market conditions is highly recommendable and is crucial to sustaining as well. By including new features in the platform, you will create a sense of novelty, and that indeed will work in most of the cases.

A Large Set of Ready-made Softwares to Get You Ready for the Digital Mission

Agriya has made a wide range of its premium software available for free. A multitude of ready-made software products and a variety of industry-focused solutions can be downloaded free of charge. Post support and maintenance services will be provided upon request. Here's the list of free products which are available for download,


Digital transformation is no longer a question to ask, but an answer to seek. The present-day market condition leaves us no chance, but to adopt a digital strategy. And the competition and other potential challenges are rising day by day. The perfect moment to strike is right now. Engage Agriya’s fully-fledged software solutions to take your business off the ground.

Visit our website for more information.

If you have already nurtured the idea of creating a JavaScript- based application or a website, then you are on the right track to start deciding on an appropriate framework for your project.A framework optimizes your ability to devise a flexible, scalable and organized app development process. Frameworks like AngularJS, NodeJS and ReactJS are exemplary JavaScript tools which can structure your code and build up an intuitive web-application.

The Javascript frameworks are constantly developed and updated. Hence it is slightly cumbersome to differentiate the frameworks and clearly segregate them from one another. Hence it encourages an in-depth probe into all the frameworks.

Here we pick up the most well-approved and renowned frameworks - AngularJS, NodeJS and ReactJS.

1. AngularJS
Created by Misiko Hevery in the year 2009, AngularJS is a super-impact Javascript MVW framework. The famous websites which use AngularJS include Youtube, Vevo, Freelancer, Weather & skystore. It utilizes HTML as an application’s interactive interface and thereby simplifies the web development process. It further promotes a new way of testing apps.Testing is done by injecting mock data into controller and then measuring the output with behaviour. Filters and directives offer flexibility for Web app development. Filters help by taking care of data transformations.

AngularJS development is prone to few advantages and disadvantages simultaneously. While offering easy-to-test codes, simple routing and DI are few of its many advantages, complexities of the directives, slow design, and a limited router are some drawbacks. Not considering the cons, AngularJS is still among the most wanted frameworks among the Developers.

2. NodeJS
NodeJS is powered by Google Chrome V8 Javascript engine. It largely simplifies the development of complex applications. Node Package Manager (NPM) is a default tool which comes with NodeJS installation package. It supports the management of the entire package. Connect, Bluebird, MongoJS & MongoDB, lodash, pug are the most popularly used NPM modules.

HTTP is used in NodeJS and plays an important role in building amazing features as well as real time videos and audio coding. Like any other framework, NodeJS development addresses few pros and cons. The best part of NodeJS are a strong support system, ease of learning, and ease of streaming big files. However it lags behing in terms of scalability. Also, it requires a deeper probe into JavaScript owing to its complexity.

3. ReactJS
Inthe MVC architechture, React is more dependent on “V” I.e; view..It was built up with the intention of negating the prevailing issues og Javascript frameworks. No doubt it came out successful to a large extent.

This framework is SEO friendly to a large extent owing to itssimplicity compared to the other frameworks. Moreover it is efficient and makes regular and instant updates.
It owns a smooth interface design and its code can be reused. However a steep learning curve and flux architectures are some of its major drawbacks.

Final Thoughts
While there are many frameworks, choosing the right one is certainly a challenge. Here we just listed out the best ones in use of late. You may use any one, but based on your specific use and the benefits you would like to incur. Agriya, a major web development company is a developer of essential solutions and resources using JavaScript frameworks.

Launched in the year 2014, MEAN stack is a completely free and open-source platform facilitating the designing of websites as well as web-applications. Not just that, MEAN stack is listed as one of the most demanded and ‘sought after’ technologies by every custom web development company. The leading giants all across the globe are now incorporating MEAN stack in their web development processes. MEAN has indeed gone in a long way to elevate the mobile and web development processes and practices followed so far.

Developers visualize a list of benefits incurred from the incorporation of MEAN stack in website & mobile application development. Here we elaborate the features and benefits in detail. First of all, lets dig a little deeper into the acronym “MEAN”. For novice developers/Entrepreneurs/Readers, the following elaboration entails the meaning of “MEAN”:

MongoDB: This technology developed by MongoDB Inc. simply permits the sole usage JavaScript as a single language for all the processes. It is a free and cross-platform database which utilizes JSON document.

ExpressJS: It is one of the most essential tools used for developing mobile and web applications. This technology has enormous usage and can enable the building up of an entire website with Node.js & Express.js.

AngularJS: It is a front-end JS framework and an ideal tool for developing single page applications. It incorporates HTML along with some more characteristics.‘Agriya’ , one among the most renowned web-app development companies uses AngularJS & NodeJS  for Application Development.

Node.js: Its a free platform which along with Express.js helps in complete application development. Node.js came into existence after JavaScript had a utility-extension from merely running on the browser to one running as an application on any device. It allows usage of JavaScript for Server-side scripting.

Now let us throw the limelight on benefits of using MEAN stack:
1. MEAN allows easier switching between client & server as it is simple and fast.
2. Applications can be easily developed, tested & introduced in the cloud  as it offers high flexibility.
3. Uses JavaScript Object Notation (JASON) which is used in both NodeJS & AngularJS
4. To develop apps using MEAN stack, a developer needs to be proficient only in JavaScript. This makes the process budget-friendly and cost-effective.
5. It has a high speed and offers maintenance, test-ability & re-usability.
6. It is open source & available for free.

Agriya featuring as a renowned AngularJS development company
Agriya provides reputed angularJS development services to clients all across the globe and offers adaptable and flexible  web applications. It develops high-end, impeccable AngularJS codes.  It promotes interactive and customized AngularJS development for multiple devices and provides best solutions at reasonable prices. Besides that, Agriya lends systematic & valuable support for business growth and development.

Incorporating MEAN stack into web development processes is basically a simplified and less complicated process. It offers a lot of advantages and is therefore one of the most preferred technologies among developers. It enables app development with JavaScript alone and is hence the most preferred tool among users.

Social interaction was never as far-reaching and expanding as now. The answer to it is the raising up of virtual worlds. A virtual platform for social interaction was beyond the comprehension of people about few decades back. But with the advent of internet and strengthening of technology, online social platforms have been popularized. People find them easier to connect, communicate, expand social network, promote their products, extend customer reach, showcase their skills or promote via multimedia channels and so on. Ever since the onset and rise of online social networking platforms, many entrepreneurs have started investing on social media enterprises.

Agriya’s unique innovation of Online Social Networking solution is a medium to generate such interactive platforms through which users can project their social status, skills etc through personalized photos or videos.

Here we brief out some of its highlighted features in a nutshell:

1. Wide multimedia filtration range
You can allow wide filtration options for pictures and videos. These may include adjusting contrast, colour, applying themes, personalizing, adding graphics, editing or adding description and location details. Such option helps the user to include a touch of uniqueness and glamour to his feeds.

2. A sophisticated interface
An interface provides users with the look and feel of your website. The semantic user interface of the solution offers smooth navigation by virtue of which users feel free from any ambiguities while using your website. It is indeed the most essential requisite for a smooth-sailing user experience and consequently greater demand.

3. Choose your privacy
Need to Personalize your privacy can be a concern at times. So it is imperative to provide users with the flexibility to choose their own privacy limits. For instance, a user may not like to include some of his acquaintances or may prefer to exclude them for some personal reasons. This is possible with our solution offering exclusive privacy settings.

4. Advertisement & Promotion
Industries and businesses can make use of the website to enhance and project themselves. They can connect with the audience and expand their reach through informative pictures and videos that can be showcased on a public platform.

5. Customizing Feeds
It is equally imperative to customize your feeds to give it a personal touch. Agriya’s “Online Social networking solution” is endowed with a wide number of privileges to allow you to give your feeds the needed appearance & feel. User may add descriptions, hash-tags, captions and filters to showcase their public feeds.

The ready-made script of social networking solution is available for download. Here you can Download Social Networking Solution.

Final Review
Elaborate business plans and hectic schedules keep off entrepreneurs from chasing vital business opportunities. To limit the challenges and to ensure a faster progress, one can avail web-solutions for an instant and customized website formation(Considering the inevitability of a website to run a social networking enterprise). Agriya’s “Online Social Networking solution” caters to the needs of budding entrepreneurs through sustained and profitable social-networking website development.

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